What happened to K9999?

What happened to K9999?

Possibly done to prevent a potential lawsuit case with Toho Studios, starting with The King of Fighters 2003, K9999 would be removed from the series roster, and would eventually be removed from any SNK official products altogether, with his final physical appearance in an SNK game being KOF x Garou Densetsu.

Is K9999 a nameless?

Nameless was created to replace K9999 in the KOF 2002: UM roster due to the copyright issues surrounding K9999. The man known as Nameless is the 9,999th K’ clone and the only survivor of “Project Ж”. He has no name and is known by NESTS by his codename ‘Ж’ or “Zhe Prime”.

Is Kula Diamond human?

Kula Diamond (クーラ・ダイアモンド, Kūra Daiamondo?) first appeares as the sub-boss in The King of Fighters 2000; she enters as a normal participant in her other appearances….

Kula Diamond
Affiliation: Unknown
Occupation: Agent and Former NESTS
Species: Human
Age: 14

Is Tetsuo an Akira?

Tetsuo (born July 23, 2004), full name Tetsuo Shima (島 鉄雄, Shima Tetsuo), is the main antagonist of Akira. He evolves from Kaneda’s best friend and gang member to his nemesis. He is involved in an accident at the very beginning of the story, which causes him to display immense psychic powers.

Who is Krizalid?

Krizalid (クリザリッド) is a character in The King of Fighters series, who acts as the mid and final boss of The King of Fighters ’99.

Is Tetsuo a God?

Tetsuo, on the other hand, is saved by Akira himself. His closing declaration of “I am Tetsuo” implies that he now understands the extent of his godlike powers. He has transcended into a new existence; with the right guidance, perhaps his power will no longer perpetuate the cycle of destruction that began with Akira.

How old is Akira?

Akira premiered in Japan on July 16, 1988, where it was distributed by Toho; it was released the following year in the United States by Streamline Pictures. It garnered an international cult following after various theatrical and VHS releases, eventually earning over $80 million worldwide in home video sales.

Is K Dash a clone of Kyo?

In 1998, K’ was made to participate in the Kusanagi cloning program. He was infused with Kyo Kusanagi’s DNA, which gave him the power of pyrokinesis. During the program, K’s memory was tinkered with, and he was made to believe that he was Krizalid’s clone.

Is nests kyo a clone?

Kyo-1 ( 草薙 くさなぎ 京 きょう -1) is a character in The King of Fighters series. He was introduced as one of Kyo Kusanagi’s many clones who serves the NESTS cartel.

What kind of powers does k999 have in SNK?

K9999 can also shapeshift his clothes. Psionic Shield – K9999 can create a moon-shaped shield of psychic energy. Tentacle – K9999 can transform his right arm into a fleshy tentacle and fling it at his opponents.

What kind of power does k999 have in King of Fighters?

This power is non-canon since it is exclusively used in The King of Fighters 2002, a Dream Match. Motorcycle Driving – K9999 can be seen riding a motorcycle very well in the 2001 novel. K9999 fights with his polymorphic arm. The arm can transform into claws, blades of different sizes and shapes, and into a shotgun.

Is it illegal to mention k999 by name?

According to Krispy Kaiser, there is an unspoken rule at the company that mentioning K9999 by name is strictly prohibited, and can only be mentioned by non-descriptive terms (i.e., “the one replaced by Nameless”) for “legal reasons”.

What can k999 do with his right arm?

Tentacle – K9999 can transform his right arm into a fleshy tentacle and fling it at his opponents. Polymorphic Arm – K9999 can transform his right arm into an iron drill, a blade or a shotgun-like weapon.