What happened to Maegor?

What happened to Maegor?

Many others claim he was killed by Visenya Targaryen so she could place her own son Maegor as king. Visenya flew to Pentos on the back of her dragon, Vhagar, to bring Maegor back to Westeros. Maegor was the King, despite Aenys having 3 sons.

Who killed Maegor?

At the end of the war council, Maegor remained behind alone in the throne room to brood. He was found dead the next morning by Queen Elinor, seated on the Iron Throne with his robes covered in blood and his wrists slashed. A spike from one of the swords on the throne behind him was impaled through the back of his neck.

Was Maegor a bad king?

Maegor was a terrible king. People often say how he saved Targaryens from the Faith, but if you read Fire & Blood closely, you’ll see how pathetically weak the Faith was. They can barely muster any armies – which are mostly rabble to boot.

Why was Maegor called the cruel?

Only the Grand Maester dared object that the throne should pass to his older brother’s firstborn son, Prince Aegon. Maegor insisted that the Iron Throne should go to the man with the strength to seize it, and beheaded the Grand Maester. For slaying his own nephew, Maegor forever after became known as “The Cruel.”

Who drank wildfire?

Prince Aerion
After returning to Westeros, one night, whilst drunk, Prince Aerion drank wildfire, after telling friends that this would transform him into a dragon. Instead, it resulted in his immediate death. The story of the “Prince Who Thought He Was a Dragon” is still told to children many decades later.

Who won the Blackfyre rebellion?

The fifth and final Blackfyre Rebellion (260 AC), also known as the War of the Ninepenny Kings, was fought in the Stepstones and ended with the death of Maelys Blackfyre at the hands of Ser Barristan Selmy.

What made aerys targaryen mad?

The isolation and fear of his imprisonment rapidly sped up Aerys’ descent into madness, and he didn’t leave the Red Keep for years. Again, this only fed into his paranoia: his relationship with Tywin was damaged beyond repair, and he started to distrust his own son as well, while he became increasingly cruel.

Who is known as the cruel?

This work deals with the reign of Pedro I of Castile (1350-1369), known as “The Cruel,” one of the most notorious and misunderstood figures in the annals of peninsular history.

Why did aerion drink wildfire?

In all fairness, Aerion did not simply have a fit of madness one day in which he decided that drinking wildfire would turn him into a dragon: he was actually very drunk at the time. He was always quite arrogant and unstable, but under normal circumstances was not outright delusional.

Who killed Baelor breakspear?

brother Maekar
He was killed when his brother Maekar staved his head in during the trial by seven of Duncan the Tall. Had he survived and ascended the throne, he would have ruled as “Baelor II”.

Who sided with the Blackfyres?

Rebels (Blackfyre supporters): House Bracken. House Costayne. House Lothston (betrayed Daemon for Daeron) House Osgrey.

Why did Daemon Blackfyre rebel?

So, it seems that Daemon rebelled because of the attempted arrest, causing him to finally get his revenge on the brother who his friends turned out to be right about (from his perspective).