What happened to the Delta Flyer?

What happened to the Delta Flyer?

The Delta Flyer’s first mission was to retrieve an advanced multispatial probe from within a gas giant, before it fell into Malon hands. The Flyer was a crucial extension of the U.S.S. Voyager’s capabilities for almost two years, until it was destroyed in late 2376, during an assault upon a Borg cube.

What episode of Star Trek Voyager is the Delta Flyer?

Extreme Risk
Extreme Risk (Star Trek: Voyager)

“Extreme Risk”
Star Trek: Voyager episode
Episode no. Season 5 Episode 3
Directed by Cliff Bole
Written by Kenneth Biller

Where did the Delta Flyer come from?

The Delta Flyer was a specially-designed Federation shuttlecraft which was constructed by the crew of the USS Voyager in 2375, during that starship’s long voyage in the Delta Quadrant.

What episode is the Delta Flyer destroyed?

Thirty Days (Star Trek: Voyager)

“Thirty Days”
Episode no. Season 5 Episode 9
Directed by Winrich Kolbe
Story by Scott Smith Miller
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller

Why did Voyager never use the Aeroshuttle?

Test shots were created depicting the launch of the Aeroshuttle from Voyager. The launch scene was never used on screen because the producers did not want to trump the similar launch sequence of the captain’s yacht Cousteau from Star Trek: Insurrection.

How many shuttles did Voyager lose?

Number of shuttlecraft

Episode Type & name Probably lost
Barge of the Dead 9
Tsunkatse 9 1
Natural Law 9
Total 7

Where is the Delta Quadrant?

The Delta Quadrant is the farthest quadrant of the Milky Way from the Alpha Quadrant. It would be located between 12 and 3 o’clock positions if the plane of the galaxy were seen as a clock face with the 6 o’clock position bisecting the Sol system.

Who does Tom Paris marry in Voyager?

B’Elanna Torres

Tom Paris
Spouse B’Elanna Torres
Children Miral Paris
Posting Helmsman and medic, USS Voyager
Rank Lieutenant (Lower Decks) Lt. Junior Grade (Voyager) Ensign (Voyager)

Do Tom and B elanna have a baby?

B’Elanna Torres /bɪˈlɑːnə/ is a main character in Star Trek: Voyager played by Roxann Dawson. In 2377, she married Tom Paris and gave birth to their daughter Miral at the beginning of the next year, while Voyager was returning to the Alpha Quadrant.

Does Voyager ever use the Aeroshuttle?

According to the title, the craft was intended as a “high-speed reconnaissance ship that was capable of atmospheric travel” and also intended for defense and evacuation purposes. For unspecified reasons, not noted in the ship’s log, the vessel was never used during the seven years Voyager spent in the Delta Quadrant.

Does USS Voyager have a captain’s yacht?

It is a distinctive smallcraft attached to the underside of the USS Voyager’s saucer section, in much the same way the captain’s yacht is on the USS Enterprise-E. Although like the D’s yacht in TNG, it has the curious distinction of quietly appearing in every single episode of Voyager, docked to the ship.

What was the Delta Flyer in Star Trek?

Delta Flyer. A unique, technologically advanced shuttlecraft, the Delta Flyer was designed to withstand the atmosphere of a gas giant. Conceived by Tom Paris as a 24th-Century “hot rod,” the Delta Flyer’s design and construction was a collaborative effort among Voyager crew members, and represents their diverse backgrounds.

How did the Delta Flyer get back to Voyager?

Following a brainstorming session with Paris, Tuvok, Seven of Nine, Harry Kim, and B’Elanna Torres, the design of the Delta Flyer was finalized, and construction of the ship rushed. The Delta Flyer ‘s mission was successful, despite a hull breach, and the probe was safely returned to Voyager. ( VOY episode: ” Extreme Risk “)

What kind of ship is the Delta Flyer?

The Delta Flyer-class (also Flyer-class or Delta-class) was a type of Federation runabout originally designed by the crew of the USS Voyager while they were lost in the Delta Quadrant.

When did the second Delta Flyer Come Out?

The second Delta Flyer was a reconstruction of the original Delta Flyer that was in service aboard the USS Voyager from 2375. Its predecessor was destroyed during a mission to infiltrate the Borg tactical cube 138 in early 2377.