What happened to the Palladium NYC?

What happened to the Palladium NYC?

The Palladium closed in August 1997 following its purchase by New York University. In August 1998, the building was demolished in order to build a twelve-story residence hall that students affectionately referred to as Palladium Hall.

Where was the Palladium NYC?

Located on the south side of East 14th Street between Irving Place and Third Avenue, the hall was originally called the Academy of Music.

When did Limelight NYC close?

The Limelight was closed by the police, and subsequently reopened several times during the 1990s. In September 2003, it reopened under the name “Avalon”; however, it closed its doors permanently in 2007.

Who owned the Tunnel nightclub?

Peter Gatien
The club was built in a space which was formerly a railroad freight terminal. Dayan sold the property to Marco Riccota in January 1990. Peter Gatien acquired the 80,000-square-foot nightclub in 1992.

Was the Palladium was the name of the music hall in New York City that held all of the greatest mambo and salsa music events in the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s?

In the 1940s and 50s, the rhythmic pulse of Latin music and dances like the Samba, the Mambo, and the Cha Cha, were all widely popular on the radio and in dancehalls across the U.S. New York City’s Palladium Ballroom, at 53rd Street and Broadway, seemed to be the epicenter of Latin music and dance at that time.

Where was Club USA in NYC?

Club USA, the $8 million nightclub-cum-playground that draws crowds of tourists and young New Yorkers each weekend, is to close next month, said its owner, Peter Gatien. Mr. Gatien said he was vacating the space, at 218 West 47th Street, at Broadway, because the building was in foreclosure.

When did limelight become Avalon?

Formerly the iconic Limelight club of the ’80s and ’90s, this church transformed yet again in 2003 to the Avalon. It didn’t last long, though. The spot shut its doors in 2007.

What happened to Peter Gatien?

Gatien was acquitted of his drug-racketeering and conspiracy charge in 1998 but was deported to Canada after pleading guilty to subsequent state tax-evasion charges. Gatien in the 2003 film “Party Monster,” about the gruesome murder of a club kid by a Limelight promoter, Michael Alig (played by Macaulay Culkin).

What is Peter Gatien worth?

” His attitude, which dates back to a hockey injury that cost him his left eye and career at age 17, apparently has worked. Gatien used a $17,000 settlement from the injury to open a blue jeans store in Cornwall, Ontario, and has parlayed that into an estimated $50 million fortune.

Where is Peter Gatien today?

Looking to clean up Manhattan of the mega-clubs he called “drug supermarkets,” Giuliani pursues Gatien relentlessly, until the club mogul finds himself in an INS detention centre and eventually deported back to Canada. Gatien still lives part-time in Toronto, where he is sheltering during the pandemic.

Why did Bill Graham close the Fillmore East?

Because of changes in the music industry and large growth in the concert industry (as exemplified by the increased prevalence of arena and stadium bookings), Graham closed the Fillmore East after only three years. The final concert took place on June 27, 1971, with three billed acts (The Allman Brothers Band, The J.

Where was the Palladium in New York City?

Guests are shown during the opening of the Palladium on West 14th Street, in New York City, May 14, 1985. (Ron Frehm/AP) Located on the south side of East 14th Street between Irving Place and Third Avenue, the hall was originally called the Academy of Music.

When did the Palladium become a concert venue?

Palladium (New York City) Beginning in the 1960s, it was also utilized as a rock concert venue, particularly following the 1971 closure of the Fillmore East. It was rechristened the Palladium on September 18, 1976, with The Band live radio broadcast, and continued to serve as a concert hall into the following decade.

Who was the architect of the Palladium nightclub?

In 1985, the Palladium was converted into a nightclub by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, after their success with Studio 54. Japanese architect Arata Isozaki redesigned the building’s interior for the club.

When did Patti Smith play at the Palladium?

New York proto-punk musicians The Patti Smith Group, John Cale, and Television, performed at the Palladium on New Year’s Eve 1976. The Bay City Rollers performed at The Palladium on January 8, 1977.