What happened to Treece Kansas?

What happened to Treece Kansas?

Treece, Kansas, doesn’t exist anymore. Residents abandoned Treece in 2012 as part of a government-funded relocation program after the US Environmental Protection Agency named it one of the most environmentally devastated places in the country.

Is Treece Kansas a Superfund site?

The area around Treece was designated OU4. Thus, while Treece is located less than a mile north of Picher, Oklahoma, a town which was closed due to lead pollution, Treece was located at a different Superfund site. In 2012, the State of Kansas officially disincorporated the city of Treece.

What happened to the town of Picher Oklahoma?

On September 1, 2009, the state of Oklahoma officially dis-incorporated the city of Picher, which ceased official operations on that day. The population plummeted from 1,640 at the 2000 census to 20 at the 2010 census. The federal government proceeded to conduct buyouts of remaining properties.

Why was the town of Picher Oklahoma evacuated 2009?

After being labeled one of the most polluted places in America by the EPA, declared a federal “Superfund” hazardous waste site, and also getting hit by a destructive tornado, it ceased municipal operations in 2009.

How many ghost towns are in Kansas?

Over 6,000 ghost towns have existed in the history of Kansas. Many of these were boom towns that evolved into major communities overnight, and disappeared just as fast. Some of these fascinating places were mining towns, steamboat towns, trail stops, railroad hubs, and county seat contenders.

Is Galena KS a Superfund site?

Galena is a rural community located in southeast Kansas, within the Tri-State Mining District Superfund Site in Cherokee County. In addition, leaching from the waste mine tailings contaminated wells and groundwater, with runoff moving contaminants into nearby streams and rivers.

Is it safe to visit Picher?

You might be asking yourself if it’s safe to visit Picher. Certainly, you do not want to go ahead and roll around in the toxic mountains of poisonous metals, but the main road in Picher is still open. You are perfectly welcome to pass through if you want, though we wouldn’t recommend staying too long. . .

Why was the city of Picher Oklahoma virtually abandoned?

The groundwater was contaminated with ridiculous levels of lead, and the mining-induced eroded soil made sinkholes and cave-ins a serious risk. In 1983, the Federal government included the mining town as a Tar Creek Superfund site, a program to aid the communities of Picher and Cardin, Oklahoma.

What was the town of Picher Oklahoma evacuated in 2009?

Today, Picher is a ghost town in the truest sense of the term. The school closed down, and businesses shut their doors for good. In 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency evacuated the town, deeming it unlivable. The Picher area’s population dropped from 1,640 to 20 in less than a decade.

Is it safe to go to Picher OK?

Can You Visit Picher, Oklahoma Today? Yes, you can still visit the town, just as I did. As of the year 2020, some side roads are closed (due to chat and sinkholes) but the main road that runs through the community still exists and will still take you past town into Kansas.

What ghost towns are in Kansas?

Kansas Ghost Towns:

  • Ghost Town List – All Kansas Ghost Towns or Near Ghost Towns.
  • Barnard – Falling on Hard Times.
  • Bavaria – Ranching on the Santa Fe Trail.
  • Big Springs – Leading the Free-Staters.
  • Black Wolf – Another Farm Town Ghost Town.
  • Brookville – Another Crazy Cowtown.
  • Bushong – Faded Railroad Town.

Is there any ghost towns in Kansas?

Cadmus (Linn County) – Cadmus, Kansas is a ghost town located in the north-central part of Linn County on Elm Creek. It got its starts as an agricultural community. Calista (Kingman County) Post Office 1886-1896 & 1902-1955 – An old grain elevator and a couple of houses remain.