What happened to WAC em broadheads?

What happened to WAC em broadheads?

Wac ‘Em Archery, which offers fixed and expandable broadheads, has been purchased by Feradyne Outdoors.

Are Muzzy broadheads any good?

Muzzy makes very high quality products, and these are no exception. The blades are delivered razor sharp, and are easy to assemble into broadheads. The blades are easy to replace as singles or multiples when they become damaged. At the price, I replace them every time I shoot.

Who owns Muzzy Archery?

Two leaders in the archery broadhead and expandable segments now are owned by the same company following an acquisition of Muzzy Products Corp. by Muzzy Outdoors and parent company Feradyne Outdoors.

Are Muzzy broadheads made in the USA?

Every Muzzy Broadhead is proudly made in Cartersville, Georgia USA!

Do Muzzy broadheads fly like field tips?

Muzzy if you want fixed. Rage if you want expandable. Both will fly just like your field points (assuming your bow is in tune and grouping well). I have had great success with both of them out to 60 yards.

What is the best broadhead for deer?

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads for Deer

  • SIK Broadheads. F4. This 4-blade, all laser-welded stainless steel broadhead delivers time and time again with its 27-degree razor-honed blade angle, producing a 1.350″ cutting diameter and a 3.350″ cutting surface.
  • QAD. Exodus.
  • SEVR. Titanium 2.0.
  • NAP. Spitfire XXX.

Where is Muzzy located?

Founded in 1984, Muzzy is the number-one name in fixed-blade broadheads, and it is a pioneer in the art of bowfishing. A division of Feradyne Outdoors, Muzzy is headquartered in Proctor, MN, and its manufacturing facility is located in Cartersville, GA.

What broadheads does Cameron Hanes use?

I use razor sharp broadheads, this year on all of my kills so far I’ve used the new Muzzy Trocar and they are awesome. Sharp as heck!!!! And tough.

Are Muzzy broadheads made in China?

However I can assure you that all Muzzy Products are made right here in the USA, we manufacturer everything but our blades and utilize both US and European suppliers for our blades, same companies that many other broadhead companies also use for their blades.

What broadheads fly like field points?

We tested which expandable blade broadhead flew most like a field tip and have found that the Rage Hypo Crossbow Broadhead and the NAP Spitfire DoubleCross are the winners.

What is the most lethal broadhead?

Annihilator Broadheads
Annihilator Broadheads are engineered to be the most lethal, strongest, true flying broadhead ever produced. A new shape defining an evolution in broadhead efficiency to ethically take game with a bow or crossbow.

What are the features of a wac’em slipcam?

WAC’EM Steel SlipCam Hybrid 4-Blade (100 grain) Features: Four-Blade Expandable Head 100 Grain Pressed-In Stainless Steel Penetrator Tip Precision Machined Steel Ferrule 1 1/8″ Fixed Cutting Diameter 0.030″ Thick Fixed Blade 1 5/8″ Expandable…

How much does a WAC em crossbow ring cost?

Wac’Em Archery XL & Crossbow Replacement Blades & Brass Rings For 100 and 125 Grain Broadheads MSRP: $19.99 Replacement blades for 3-blade Wac’em XL or Crossbow 100 and 125 Grain Includes 12 blades and 4 rings 100 grain | SKU: WA31 |… This Product has been Discontinued. Please contact your local dealer for availability.

What are the features of a wac’em Shocker small game head?

WAC’EM Shocker Small Game Head (100/125 Grain) Features: Five spring steel claws grip turf to prevent the arrow from burrowing into the ground Tremendous shocking power for small-game hunting. Perfect for stump shooting Available in 100 and…

How much does a wac’em archery blade cost?

Please contact your local dealer for availability. Wac’Em Archery 3-Blade Broadhead Replacement Blades for 75,100 or 125 Grain Broadheads MSRP: $19.99 Replacement blades for 3-blade Wac’em 75, 100 and 125…