What happens if you choose to save Jane?

What happens if you choose to save Jane?

Jane endings At the end of No Going Back, Clementine is forced to decide to either let Kenny kill Jane or shoot him and save her – doing so will result in Kenny’s death.

What happened to Jane in The Walking Dead?

If Clementine chooses to look away, or takes too long to make a choice, Kenny will overpower Jane and stab her in the chest with her own knife, killing her.

What happens to Arvo in The Walking Dead?

What happened to Arvo after he shot Clementine is unknown, as he is not seen or even mentioned in the third and fourth game. A theory is that he was punished for his actions by Mike/Bonnie or Kenny/Jane or killed by a group of zombies when he ran out into the woods after he shot Clementine.

Does Clementine ever meet Rick?

According to The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Telltale Game’s Clementine will never meet Rick Grimes and the gang in the show or comics. During the first game, gamers played as Lee, but in the following games, they took control of Clementine.

What happens if you shoot Rebecca in The Walking Dead?

No matter what you choose to do, Rebecca will die. If you have chosen the [Shoot Rebecca] option, it is you who will kill her. If you have chosen the [Call for Help] option, Kenny will shoot her.

What happens if you cut Sarita’s arm off?

Cut Off Sarita’s Arm, Don’t Axe Her (Undead): If Clementine cuts Sarita’s arm, Sarita will attack by walkers, also die from blood loss and reanimate.

Can you skip the credits in The Walking Dead Season 2?

The Walking Dead: Season Two The really bad part is: You can’t skip the credits and if you minimize the game the credits stop moving. So you must watch the whole credits. (Also the names appear at the first dialogues in the game.

What happens if you return the bag to Arvo?

The second important choice is the decision about stealing the medicine from Arvo. You will find this choice in chapter five of this episode. [Keep the bag] – You steal the medicine. [Return the bag] – You give the bag with medicine back.

Does Arvo have a sister walking dead?

Natasha, also known as Maud, is an original character and an antagonist who appears in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season Two. She is a member of the Russian Group and the older sister of Arvo.

What happens at the end of Jane 2?

Jane 2 Endings- If the Player chooses Jane and Kills Kenny he/she is given the choice to have Jane follow them for ending with Jane, if not then they will go to the alone ending. Jane and Clementines goes back to the place where Carver held the group captive.

What’s the second ending of The Walking Dead?

The second ending you can unlock the same way as the first one. Choose the option We’re all leaving this place and you will leave Wellington with Kenny. This ending you will unlock if you will decide to save Jane. You need to choose the option I forgive you, Jane.

How many endings are there in Season 2?

If you have or haven’t played Season 2 Episode 5 there are 5 endings. Spoilers on the different endings below The player is confronted with 2-3 choices which ending they are going to get two of the choices will result in two more choices on the ending.

What happens at the end of Kenny 2?

The event takes place when Kenny is fighting with Jane. Kenny 2 Endings – If the Player chooses Kenny and Kills Jane he/she is given the choice to have Kenny follow them for ending with Kenny, if not then they will go to the alone ending. Kenny and Clem reach Wellington and finds out they only have room for Clementine and AJ (Alvin Junior).