What is a bounce ball rig?

What is a bounce ball rig?

Bounce-balling is essentially a slow-trolling technique, adapted to target halibut as they lay on the mud bottom. By using specialized rigs and heavy sinkers, anglers are able to drag their baits or lures through the halibut’s narrow strike zone in a way that elicits savage “reaction bites.”

What do you use for halibut fishing?

Experts on catching halibut often advise the use of bait such as live squid or octopus, or mackerel heads or guts. Artificial bait such as plastic fish colored like a sardine or anchovy can also be used in halibut fishing.

Where do halibut like to hang out?

Halibut like to hang out in the transition zone between sandy bottom and reef. So while other anglers are fishing on the reef going to the front of the boat and casting along the imaginary edge of the reef and the sand or hard bottom and then slowly dragging back to the boat may land you a trophy halibut.

What is a Carolina fishing rig?

The Carolina rig is a plastic bait rig similar to the Texas rig, but with the weight fixed above the hook, instead of sliding down to it. The Carolina rig is suitable for beginning fishers. This specific rig is designed to help fishermen catch bottom feeding fish, particularly bass fish.

What’s the best speed for bounceballing a halibut?

Optimal speed for this application is .5 mph or thereabouts. A drogue, made by Hart and Hart, works great to moderate speed. Two may be needed dependent on your boat and preferred method.

What kind of rods do you use for bounceballing?

Glass and graphite composite rods are a great blend. Acid wrapped rods are the perfect application for this. Slowing the boat down to match the rig used is important. Most boats idle at about 3 mph. The fish will bite at this speed no problem.

What’s the best way to bounceball a ball?

• Put the weight in the water first with the dodger trailing. • Engage the clicker. • Back off the drag slowly until the rig drops at a steady pace, never faster than the sink rate of the weight. • Drop back until the ball initially hits bottom. It’s a pronounced thud.