What is a digipak DVD?

What is a digipak DVD?

Simply, CD digipaks are a printed card packaging that is often used for CDs and/or DVDs. The digipak, made from cardboard stock, contains an internal plastic holder that is capable of holding one or more discs. Discs are held in place via plastic trays (flexi trays), which are glued into the digipak.

What is the difference between a digipak and a CD?

A Digipak has the same form factor and size as a standard CD Jewel Case but is made mostly of environmentally friendly board! Digipaks differ from a CD wallet or jacket because there is a plastic tray the disc snaps into. This makes for an overall more sturdy product.

What is a 4 panel Digipak?

CD digipaks with 4 panels, (also called digipacks) have 4 panels of custom colour printing. Front cover, inside left, inside right and back cover. Our digipaks use a clear plastic tray on the inside right panel, this means that you can add print to this panel and it will show through on the tray.

What is a Blu ray digipak?

Digipaks – CD in Digipak – CD in Digipack Packaging The Digipak interior holds a clear, plastic panel that locks your CDs/DVDs, blu-ray discs in place and provides visibility to your printed message on the casing behind it. And it provides economical disc protection with easy-to-print surfaces.

How do I store my digipak?

You have to keep your digipaks sealed in plastic when not used, don’t stack them on top, beneath or between other CDs of any packaging type, don’t let your digipaks rest on any rough surfaces, and store each digipak in open and spacious compartments so they don’t come in contact with anything that can compromise the …

How big is a digipak?

Dimensions: Standard Size “CD style” Digipaks: 1-Disc Digipak (4 or 6-panel): 5.45″W x 4.95″H x 0.25″D. 2-Disc Digipak (4 or 6-panel): 5.5″W x 4.95″H x 0.44″D.

What are CDs packaged in?

Optical disc packaging

  • Optical disc packaging is the packaging that accompanies CDs, DVDs, and other formats of optical discs.
  • A jewel CD case is a compact disc case that has been used since the compact disc was first released in 1982.
  • The front lid contains two, four, or six tabs to keep any liner notes in place.

How do you preserve a CD case?


  1. Handle discs by the outer edge or the center hole.
  2. Use a non solvent-based felt-tip permanent marker to mark the label side of the disc.
  3. Keep dirt or other foreign matter from the disc.
  4. Store discs upright (book style) in plastic cases specified for CDs and DVDs.
  5. Return discs to storage cases immediately after use.

What is a cardboard CD case called?

Digipak: A CD case that opens like a book instead of snapping shut. It is usually made of cardboard, with a plastic tray for the CD glued to it. It often has an open envelope/slit for a booklet.

What kind of digipak is used for DVD?

DVDigipak 4 panel Digipak typically used for DVDs, full color printing throughout with a clear tray. Digipak (2 Disc) 2 disc version of the 4 panel Digipak, full color printing throughout with clear disc trays. 6 Panel Digipak (2 Disc) 2 disc version of the 6 panel Digipak, full color printing throughout with clear disc trays.

What kind of digipak cases do mixonic use?

Mixonic offers a number of digipak product solutions, including multi tray options, 4 and 6-panel CD digipak versions and a “taller” version for DVDs called DVDigipaks. For larger jobs, we can also produce 8-panel digipak options and 2-disc DVDigipak cases.

How does a bison disc 4 panel digipak work?

They also use far less plastic than Jewel cases, making them more environmentally friendly. Bison Disc’s four-panel Digipak has a print area similar to a Jewel Case. They have a front and back cover and two inside panels. Your CD is held securely in place in a plastic tray that is glued in place on the paperboard cover.

What’s the minimum order quantity for a digipak?

Digipak with discs as fast as 3 days. Lowest minimum order quantity for Digipaks in the industry, just 50 units. Make your Digipak project retail ready with a UPC barcode and shrinkwrap. Sturdy 15-point board stock contains at least 10% post-consumer recycled content.