What is a fundamental religion?

What is a fundamental religion?

Religious fundamentalism refers to the belief of an individual or a group of individuals in the absolute authority of a sacred religious text or teachings of a particular religious leader, prophet,and/ or God .

What are the 3 fundamental beliefs of Christianity?

Belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit.

What are the beliefs in Christianity?

Beliefs/Practices Christians believe in one God that created heaven, earth and the universe. The belief in one God originated with the Jewish religion. Christians believe Jesus is the “Messiah” or savior of the world. They also believe that he is the son of God.

What is the opposite of a fundamentalist?

Opposite of following carefully and exactly a set of rules. casual. liberal. indifferent. unattached.

What is the statement of Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God?

This Statement of Fundamental Truths is intended simply as a basis of fellowship among us (i.e., that we all speak the same thing, 1 Corinthians 1:10 [ KJV / NIV ]; Acts 2:42 [ KJV / NIV ]). The phraseology employed in this Statement is not inspired nor contended for, but the truth set forth is held to be essential to a full-gospel ministry.

What do you need to know about fundamentalism?

3) The substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ on the cross. Fundamentalism teaches that salvation is obtained only through God’s grace and human faith in Christ’s crucifixion for the sins of mankind. 4) The bodily resurrection of Jesus.

What does the word fundamental mean in Christianity?

Answer: The word fundamental can describe any religious impulse that adheres to its basic tenets. Fundamentalism, for the purpose of this article, is a movement within the church that holds to the essentials of the Christian faith.

What are the beliefs of the Church of God?

These beliefs, based upon Holy Scripture, do not constitute the entire body of beliefs of the Church but do represent its fundamental or foundational beliefs. 1. The Godhead. God the Father is an eternally existing Spirit, a perfect, personal Being of supreme love, intelligence, knowledge, justice, power and authority.