What is a shtetl?

What is a shtetl?

: a small Jewish town or village formerly found in Eastern Europe.

What is a shtetl in Yiddish?

But according to Shandler, a professor in the Department of Jewish Studies at Rutgers: “In Yiddish, shtetl simply means ‘town’ – anywhere, at any time, inhabited by anyone. In popular usage, it has acquired all kinds of connotations, especially as the word moves into other languages.”

What did they eat in the shtetl?

The excellent nutrition naturally available in two dietary staples, rye bread and sauerkraut, served to ward off many a disease. The favorite accompaniment to baked or boiled potatoes was herring, which was also the preferred food to be eaten with bread. In Lithuania, herring was a national dish.

Were there shtetls in Russia?

Russian Jews were living in shtetls, which were small villages. The word “shtetl” is Yiddish and translates to “little town.” Shtetls were isolated from other vibrant towns and cities in Russia, as they were located on the western border of Russia.

How do you pronounce shtetls?

noun, plural shtet·lach [shtet-lahkh, -luhkh, shteyt-], English shtetls.

What does the word shtetl mean in Yiddish?

The word “shtetl” is Yiddish, and it means “little town.” Shtetls were small market towns in Russia and Poland that shared a unique socio-cultural community pattern during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

What was the size of a Jewish shtetl?

Shtetls ranged in size from several hundred to several thousand residents. Forests and fields often surrounded these small towns. Gentiles tended to live outside of the town, while Jews lived in the town proper.

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What was the purpose of the invention of the shtetl?

The Shtetl was “invented twice, once in the 18th century by administrative decree, which gave it corporeal being, and again the 20th century, to serve as a consolation to American Jews.” Chełm figures prominently in the Jewish humor as the legendary town of fools.