What is active cell indicator in Excel?

What is active cell indicator in Excel?

The Active cell inside Excel Worksheet is used to identify the cell which is currently active. The thick border gridlines around the cell indicates that it is the Active cell inside Excel Worksheet. The Active cell is where the focus is on and where the data will be entered when a key is typed on keyboard.

How do you identify an active cell in Excel?

An active cell or selected cell can be identified many ways. First, as shown in the picture above of Microsoft Excel, the active cell has a bold black box around the cell. Also, the column and row are highlighted. In our example picture, the column header “D” and row header “8” are highlighted in yellow.

Which of the following is active cell in Excel?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Current cell. Alternatively referred to as a cell pointer, current cell, or selected cell, an active cell is a rectangular box that highlights the cell in a spreadsheet.

What is meant by currently active cell?

An active cell refers to the currently selected cell in a spreadsheet. Whenever you click on a specific cell within a spreadsheet, it becomes the active cell. Once a cell is selected, you can enter values or a function into the cell.

How do you highlight selection or active cell in Excel?

Hold down the ALT + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 3. Then save and close this code, and go back to the worksheet, now, when you select a cell or a selection, the selected cells will be highlighted, and it will be dynamically moved as the selected cells changes.

How do you activate and deactivate cells in Excel?

Only select the cells you need to prevent data entering into, press the Ctrl + 1 keys again to open the Format Cells dialog box. go to the Protection tab in the Format Cells dialog box, check the Locked box, and then click the OK button.

Which of the following tells the address of an active cell?

EXPLANATION: Every cell in the sheet has its own address. We can find the address by typing = ADDRESS(ROW(), COLUMN()) in the active cell and press the “enter key”. And then we can find the address moves to the formula bar and displays the required address in the cell.

What is the active cell in MS Word?

An active cell refers to the currently selected cell in a spreadsheet. It can be identified by a bold (typically blue) outline that surrounds the cell. The standard way to reference the location of an active cell is with a column/row combination, such as A2 (first column, second row) or B5 (second column, fifth row).

What is current cell?

In a spreadsheet application, the current cell is the active cell, the cell that you are manipulating at the moment.

How do I remove content from active cell?

  1. If you want to delete the content of an active cell, then select the cell and right-click and choose delete cell.
  2. The contents will get deleted from the cell leaving the formats.

How is the active cell indicated on the Excel sheet?

Here, the active cell is identified by a dark outline surrounding the wall. We can also call active cell as the current cell (or the cell which has a focus). And a group of active cells or current cells make an active sheet. Although you can highlight multiple cells, but only one cell has the focus, for receiving input.

How is a cell identified in an Excel worksheet?

Each cell in Excel worksheet is identified by a combination of a Column Letter and a row number. The Active cell inside Excel Worksheet is used to identify the cell which is currently active.

What is the purpose of an active cell?

An active cell helps identify what cell is being worked with and where data will be entered. Active cell overview. How is an active cell identified? Where is the content of the active cell is displayed?

How to find the content of an active cell?

The content of the active cell is shown in the formula bar. In the screenshot above, the formula bar displays the formula in cell D8. The formula, “=SUM (D2:D5)”, adds the values of cells D2 through D5 to compute their total value, $162.00. When cell D8 is selected, both the cell and the formula bar display the formula.