What is Al Schmitt known for?

What is Al Schmitt known for?

Albert Harry Schmitt (April 17, 1930 – April 26, 2021) was an American recording engineer and record producer. He won twenty Grammy Awards for his work with Henry Mancini, Steely Dan, George Benson, Toto, Natalie Cole, Quincy Jones, and others.

When did Al Schmitt die?

April 26, 2021
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How old is Al Schmitt?

91 years (1930–2021)
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Who is produce like a pro?

Warren Huart started Produce Like A Pro to help people make great music in any way that he can. He wanted to demystify the recording process and show that there really isn’t a difference between the “professionals” and home recordists.

Did Al Schmidt die?

Who has won 6 Grammys?

Quincy Jones, 28 Jones’ biggest night at the Grammys was at the 1990 awards, when he won six prizes, including album of the year for Back on the Block.

Who has Warren Huart produced?

Warren has produced and/or engineered the following artists among others:

  • Augustana.
  • Ace Frehley.
  • Aerosmith.
  • The Fray.
  • Kris Allen.
  • Ramones.
  • James Blunt.
  • The X Factor (U.S. TV series)

Do Gladys Knight have 10 Grammys?

Most people would search for Grammys won by a solo performer, the Bee’s Grammys include those won solo and while in a group. The performer with 10 Grammys is Gladys Knight with 7 personal and 3 while recording with the Pips.

Who have won most Grammys?

Sir Georg Solti, who was the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conductor for 22 years, is the artist with most Grammy Awards won in a lifetime – 31 out of 74 nominations….Most Grammy Award-winning individuals of all time as of 2021.

Characteristic Number of Grammy Awards received
Sir Georg Solti 31
Quincy Jones, Beyoncé 28

Who has won the most number of Grammys?

Where did Al Schmitt do most of his recording?

Since he moved to Hollywood, Schmitt has almost exclusively worked at Capitol Studios, with occasional sessions at United Recording Studios and EastWest Studios, formerly Western Recording. He made an advertisement for AMS Neve’s 88R console at Capitol’s Studio A, which currently holds an 88R.

When did Al Schmitt move to Los Angeles?

In 1958, Schmitt moved to Los Angeles and became a staff engineer at Radio Recorders on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. In 1963 he moved to RCA in Hollywood as a staff engineer, the first engineer hired for the studio.

When did Al Schmitt become an independent producer?

In 1966, Schmitt left RCA and became an independent producer. He produced albums for Jefferson Airplane, Eddie Fisher, Glenn Yarborough, Jackson Browne and Neil Young. In the mid 1970s he began spending more time engineering again, recording and mixing artists from Willy DeVille to Dr. John .

Who was first engineer to work with Al Schmitt?

Meanwhile, RCA opened a studio: Schmitt was the first engineer hired. Mancini’s new producer, Dick Pierce, also took a liking to Schmitt, using him on all of Mancini’s recording dates at RCA, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Blues and the Beat and Music from ‘Mr. Lucky.’ With 1962’s Hatari!, Schmitt won his first Grammy.