What is CET time in Asia?

What is CET time in Asia?

Time difference between Asia/Kolkata and Central European Time (CET) is 4:30 hours ie., Central European Time (CET) time is always 4:30 hours behind Asia/Kolkata.

What are Asia hours?

Current Local Times in Asia

Current Local Times in Asia Sort By: City Country Time Cities Shown: Capitals (48) Most Popular (123) Popular (216)
Hong Kong Tue 8:08 am
Hovd Tue 7:08 am
Hyderabad Tue 5:38 am
Incheon Tue 9:08 am

What time is it in Asia GMT?


Abbreviation Time Zone Offset
IRST Iran Standard Time GMT+3:30
IST India Standard Time GMT+5:30
IST Israel Standard Time GMT+2
JST Japan Standard Time GMT+9

Is Asia Eastern time?

Eastern Standard Time • Current Time in EST Time Zone Eastern Standard Time (EST) is a UTC -05:00 timezone offset where as Asia/Manila is a UTC +8:0 timezone offset.

What time Asia wake up?

11 p.m. to 8 a.m.
Asian Session 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.

What is EMEA timezone?

EUROPE TIME ZONES. Western European Standard Time is the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), however, during periods when Daylight Saving Time is in use, Western European Summer Time is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. In Europe Daylight Saving Time is commonly referred to as Summer Time.

What countries are GMT 7?

Standard Time

  • Russia time zone 6 – Krasnoyarsk Time (KRAT)
  • Cambodia (ICT)
  • Indonesia Western (IWST/WIB)
  • Lao (ICT)
  • Thailand (ICT)
  • Vietnam (ICT)

What time zone is Southeast Asia?

The proposal would institute UTC+08:00 as the ASEAN Central Time, putting Myanmar at UTC+07:00, and leaving the less populous eastern Indonesia at UTC+09:00….List.

Country Cambodia
UTC offset +07:00
Time Zone Abbreviation ICT
Ref Time in Cambodia

What is 11am EST in Philippines?

Getting Started

Eastern Standard Time (EST) to Manila, Philippines ( in Manila)
8 am EST is 8 pm in Manila
9 am EST is 9 pm in Manila
10 am EST is 10 pm in Manila
11 am EST is 11 pm in Manila

What time is Cryptocurrency most active?

A market’s peak trading hours is typically 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in its local time. These are the trading hours that usually drive the highest trade volume in each region. Although a market can be “closed,” there might be huge movements in the global market depending on news and speculations.

What are EMEA shift timings?

A normal and comfortable work shift in India would be 9 AM to 6 PM….European time zones overlap with India.

Time zone name Eastern European Summer Time (EEST)
Corresponding working hours (7.00 AM to 8.30 PM IST) 4.30 AM to 6.00 PM
Example cities Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Romania, Ukraine