What is ecdysterone supplement?

What is ecdysterone supplement?

Overview. Ecdysterone is a chemical found in insects, some animals that live in water, and some plants. People use it for medicine. Ecdysterone is used to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance.

How effective is ecdysterone?

The addition of ecdysterone in conjunction with protein intake resulted in a 6–7% increase in lean muscle tissue with nearly a 10% reduction in fat.

How long does it take for ecdysterone to work?

Took other peoples advice and started with 4 per day. Smaller capsule to take does have a slightly chemical taste which is irrelevant because its if they work that’s important. 2 weeks in and seen greater gains from the previous 3 months. Muscles are firmer, bigger and fuller.

Does ecdysterone increase DHT?

In C2C12 myotubes ecdysterone (1 µM) induced a significant increase of the diameter comparable to dihydrotestosterone (1 µM) and IGF 1 (1.3 nM).

Is ecdysterone an anabolic steroid?

Ecdysterone attracts the most attention as a natural anabolic and adaptogenic compound. It is widely marketed as a “natural anabolic agent” to athletes, in the form of dietary supplements which increase strength and muscle mass during resistance training, to reduce fatigue, and to ease recovery (Isenmann et al., 2019).

Is ecdysterone a steroid?

Recent studies suggest that the anabolic effect of ecdysterone, a naturally occurring steroid hormone claimed to enhance physical performance, is mediated by estrogen receptor (ER) binding.

What time should I take ecdysterone?

Ecdysterone is naturally found in many plants and green vegetables, like spinach, but it’s most commonly taken as capsules made with Ecdysterone, which is extracted from plants. Most sources claim that the best time to take it is after workout and exercise, and ideally with food.

Does ecdysterone need to be cycled?

You should take your Ecdysterone with high protein meals after you workout, and before you go do bed for best results. Just like any other supplement though you must cycle it.

Will ecdysterone show up on a drug test?

Ecdysterone was the most abundant analyte present in post-administration urine samples, detected for more than 2 days, with a maximum concentra- tion (Cmax) in the 2.8–8.5 h urine (Cmax = 4.4–30.0 µg/mL).

Is ecdysterone a banned substance?

The study was partly funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and researchers recommend that ecydysterone be included on the agency’s banned list. Anti-doping agencies are currently not allowed to test for ecdysterone because it isn’t on the list of banned substances, he explained.

Why is ecdysterone a good supplement for weight loss?

The breakthrough technology, in-vitro cell cultivation, provided the needed purity and concentration of ecdysterone to make it a viable option for economical supplementation. This is great news for anyone wanting to increase lean muscle mass, decrease fat and improve performance.

How does ecdysterone work to improve athletic performance?

Ecdysterone is used to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance. How does it work? Ecdysterone is similar in structure to the male hormone testosterone, but there’s no evidence that it works like testosterone in people. Vitamin D Deficiency: How Much Vitamin D Is Enough?

Is there a way to extract concentrated ecdysterone?

Within in the past year (2000), companies specializing in the extraction of high potency compounds from herbs have developed a way to extract concentrated ecdysterone at a standardized up to 97%!

Are there any animal studies on ecdysterone?

So far all of the published research in regards to ecdysterone usage has been conducted only on insects and rats. Although some of the studies did show positive effects on protein synthesis, animals have far different metabolic systems than we do.