What is EP chemotherapy?

What is EP chemotherapy?

Two of our more common chemotherapy treatments are: EP, which is an initial treatment for advanced testicular cancer. It combines the drugs etoposide and cisplatin (Platinol®). Your treatment team may add bleomycin to EP to treat tumors with a higher risk of spreading.

Is cisplatin a strong chemo drug?

Platinum-based chemotherapy drugs are among the most powerful and widely used against cancer. However, they have toxic side effects, and tumors can become resistant to them. Cisplatin, the most common platinum chemotherapy drug, was first approved in the US in 1978.

What are the side effects of cisplatin chemotherapy?

Common side effects of cisplatin

  • Risk of infection. This treatment can reduce the number of white blood cells in your blood.
  • Bruising and bleeding.
  • Anaemia (low number of red blood cells)
  • Feeling sick.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Changes to your taste.
  • Effects on the kidneys.
  • Changes in hearing.

How is EC chemo given?

EC chemotherapy is usually given directly into your vein (intravenously). You can read about the different ways of giving chemotherapy on our chemotherapy page. You’ll usually have your chemotherapy as an outpatient so you will be able to go home the same day.

What are the side effects of bleomycin?

More common

  • Darkening or thickening of skin.
  • dark stripes on skin.
  • itching of skin.
  • skin rash or colored bumps on fingertips, elbows, or palms.
  • skin redness or tenderness.
  • swelling of fingers.
  • vomiting and loss of appetite.

What is VP drug?

What is this medicine? ETOPOSIDE, VP-16 (e toe POE side) is a chemotherapy drug. It is used to treat testicular cancer, lung cancer, and other cancers. COMMON BRAND NAME(S): Etopophos, Toposar, VePesid.

What is the J code for etoposide?

J9182 ETOPOSIDE, 100 MG.

Is cisplatin stronger than carboplatin?

Conclusions: For some tumors, cisplatin appears to be superior to carboplatin in terms of therapeutic effectiveness (germ cell tumors, bladder cancer, head and neck cancer), while for others, effectiveness is comparable (lung cancer, ovarian cancer).

What is the most common side effect of cisplatin?

The following side effects are common (occurring in greater than 30%) for patients taking Cisplatin: Nausea and vomiting. Nausea may last up to 1 week after therapy. Anti-nausea medication is given before the infusion, and a prescription is also given for use after.

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