What is HDC on my BMW?

What is HDC on my BMW?

In a BMW automobile, HDC stands for Hill Descent Control. It is a downhill driving assistant that BMW has implemented in order to assist the driver by automatically controlling the speed when descending steep hills.

Where is the HDC button?

centre console
The HDC button is located on the centre console. The speed limits for the HDC system are adjusted via the control buttons mounted on the right side of the steering wheel. Dependent on the vehicle’s specification, the HDC button also operates the All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) system.

What does HDC mean in car?

Hill Descent Control
Hill Descent Control (HDC) as the name suggests is designed to allow drivers to smoothly hill descent in rough terrain without driver intervention, in otherwords the system gives assistant to the car by slowing each wheel individually to insure that the vehicle does not go past the desired speed, th HDC system is …

How do I turn off hill descent control?

To deactivate it, push the Hill Descent control button at the top left corner of the center information screen or increase speed to over 40 mph. The feature will also shut down when the vehicle’s ignition is switched off. To activate it, depress the button again. A chime will sound to indicate the system is active.

How does downhill brake control work?

The Downhill Brake Control (DBC) assists the driver when descending a steep hill without the driver depressing the brake pedal. It slows the vehicle to under approximately 6.3 mph (10 km/h) and lets the driver concentrate on steering the vehicle. DBC defaults to the OFF position whenever the ignition is turned on.

How do I turn off Hill Descent Control?

How do I turn off Hill Descent Control Nissan?

To turn off the hill descent control system, push the switch to the OFF position….CAUTION

  1. activate the AWD LOCK switch,
  2. the transmission shift lever must be in forward or reverse gear,
  3. the hill descent control system switch must be ON.

What is HDC system fault?

HDC is sensitive to differences in voltage across the vehicle’s electrical systems. If you see the “HDC Fault System Not Available” message while the brake warning light or ABS warning light are illuminated, this can indicate a failure in any or all of these systems.

How do you use HDC?

You can use HDC when the vehicle is in drive, reverse, or any gear. When you engage the gearbox in drive, the vehicle will automatically select the gear that is most appropriate. After you have set the HDC, the target speed will be shown by a green marker on the speedometer.

Is the BMW 535i a manual transmission car?

A manual transmission in a car this large is a rarity these days. There were few complaints regarding this combo. To recap: While the 535i was with us, we replaced two wheels (one front, one rear) and six tires (four worn, two damaged), and we repaired four wheels.

Is the Spartan Mien on the BMW 535i?

Right: This wheel pictured while not bending. The 535i’s spartan mien did not stop it from becoming an instant long-haul favorite, however.

What’s the price of a 2011 BMW 535i?

At the high end were 5ers costing close to $70,000. At the absolute low end was this white 535i with a manual transmission and the Sport package ($2200), Dynamic Handling package ($2700), a $400 iPod connector, and cinnamon-brown Dakota leather seats ($1450). Grand total: $57,225.

Is the right rear wheel bent on the BMW 535i?

After the 535i spent the winter months on Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60s, our local tire installer found that the right-rear wheel was severely bent, thus adding a $595 line item to the 5-series books at 32,000 miles. It was at roughly this time that we started to notice the onset of automotive middle age. A few creaks and rattles but nothing alarming.