What is MCS-51 architecture?

What is MCS-51 architecture?

The Intel MCS-51 (commonly termed 8051) is a single chip microcontroller (MCU) series developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded systems. The architect of the Intel MCS-51 instruction set was John H. Wharton.

How much is the maximum program memory in MCS-51?

Another important reason is that chips like 8031 or 8032, which doesn’t have any internal ROM, have to be interfaced with external ROM. A maximum of 64KB of Program Memory (ROM) and Data Memory (RAM) each can be interface with the 8051 Microcontroller.

What are the addressing methods of MCS-51?

In 8051 There are six types of addressing modes.

  • Immediate AddressingMode.
  • Register AddressingMode.
  • Direct AddressingMode.
  • Register IndirectAddressing Mode.
  • Indexed AddressingMode.
  • Implied AddressingMode.

What is the instruction set of 8051?

An 8051 Instruction consists of an Opcode (short of Operation – Code) followed by Operand(s) of size Zero Byte, One Byte or Two Bytes. The Op-Code part of the instruction contains the Mnemonic, which specifies the type of operation to be performed.

What is a microcontroller architecture?

A microcontroller is essentially a small computer on a chip. Like any computer, it has memory, and can be programmed to do calculations, receive input, and generate output. Unlike a PC, it incorporates memory, a CPU, peripherals and I/O interfaces into a single chip.

What are the different types of unconditional jumps in MCS-51?

Unconditional jump instructions In the 8051 there are two unconditional jumps: LJMP (long jump) and SJMP (short jump).

What is the maximum size of memory that 8096 microcontroller can access?

The P16F877A stores a maximum of 8096 14-bit instructions in flash ROM, has 368 bytes of RAM and five ports (33 I/O pins).

What is program memory size of PIC18 family microcontrollers?

16-bits wide
Program memory is 16-bits wide accessed through a separate program data bus and address bus inside the PIC18. Program memory stores the program and also static data in the system.

What is the address range of SFRs?

13. What is the address range of SFRs? Explanation: In 8051 there certain registers which uses the RAM addresses from80h to ffh. These are called as Special Function Registers.

What is instruction set in microcontroller?

The instruction set of microcontroller is a collection of instructions that the microcontroller is designed to execute.

What is 8085 instruction set?

Data Transfer Group

Instruction Set Explanation Machine Cycles
MOV M, r [[H-L]]←[r] Move the content of register to memory 2
MVI r, data [r] ←data Move immediate data to register 3
LXI rp, data 16 [rp] ←data 16 bits, [rh] ←8 MSBs, [rl] ←8 LSBs of data Load Register pair immediate 3
LDA addr [A] ←[addr] Load Accumulator direct 4