What is PBMA religion?

What is PBMA religion?

(PBMA) is a non-sectarian and non-profit charitable religious fraternal organization for men and women in the Philippines founded by Ruben Edera Ecleo Sr. (December 9, 1934 – December 20, 1987) in 1965 on the Philippine island of Dinagat, off the coast of Mindanao.

What is the meaning of PBMA?


Acronym Definition
PBMA Poly-Butyl-Methacrylate
PBMA Public Broadcasting Management Association
PBMA Programme Budgeting and Marginal Analysis
PBMA Production Base Modernization Activity

How old is Ruben Ecleo Jr?

Married to Glenda Buray Ecleo, they had eight children: Ruben Jr., Glorigen, Gracelyn, Benglen, Allan I, Allan II, Geraldine and Gwendolyn….

Ruben Ecleo
Died December 20, 1987 (aged 53) San Jose, Surigao, Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Occupation Cult leader and politician

What is the case of Ruben Ecleo?

Ecleo was convicted in 2012 by a Cebu City court for the murder of his wife Alona Bacolod-Ecleo in 2002. Ecleo disappeared shortly after his conviction and was dropped from the roll of members in the House of Representatives. He was able to serve two years of his term before going into hiding.

What are the festivals in Dinagat Island?

A famous Philippine festival celebrated in the islands is the Dinagatan Festival. The occasion brings together all of the seven municipalities of the province in one yearly celebration. This festival, also known as Bugkusan sa Isla, rekindles the rich history, arts and culture of the islands.

Is ecleo dead?

Deceased (1934–1987)
Ruben Ecleo/Living or Deceased

Who is Alona Bacolod?

Alona Bacolod-Ecleo was a medical student at Southwestern University in Cebu City and in her last year of medical school in 2002 when she went missing that January. She was living in a house with Ruben in Sitio Banawa, Barangay Guadalupe that year.

What is Dinagat island known for?

It is renowned as the province’s major tourism icon. The island province is also a host to the Bat Sanctuary located at the town of Tubajon, the Kisses Islets of Libjo, and the Rock Formations of Basilisa which are among the amazing the wonders of the islands.

What is the origin festival of Dinagat?

Origin of Dinagat Festival This newly established festival has its roots from ‘bakasi festival’, a celebration that gives tribute to the abundance of eel (locally called ‘bakasi’) in the area. The festival is first initiated in 2009.

Why is Dinagat called mystical island?

It is dubbed as a “Mystical Island Province of Love”. People usually call the islands as the place of unexplored and unspoiled natural wonders. One of the best attractions in the province is the “Bonsai Forest” which can be found at Mt. Redondo in the town of Loreto.

Is Dinagat Festival religious?

The Dinagat Festival Dinagat Festival in Cordova is a popular celebration that is annually held to showcase the livelihood and fishing culture of this municipality. Dinagat is celebrated with religious association by holding it during the feast of the town’s patron saint – San Roque.

What is the festival of Dinagat island?

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How to become a member of the PBMA?

PBMA offers a unique teaching about salvation. To attain it, first step is to become an active member of their group, and after that they will issue a ring that symbolizes membership. This ring is to be used in judgment day, if one is a member and own a ring he/she is assured to go to heaven. And for those who do not have will surely go to hell.

What kind of God does the PBMA believe in?

Belief of the PBMA about God is somewhat complex. They believe in a triune God (but not the way you think), Ruben Ecleo Sr. is God the Father, also called Divine Master of all the members of the PBMA.