What is Plantronics HL10 handset lifter?

What is Plantronics HL10 handset lifter?

HL10 handset lifter fits on your telephone, letting you answer calls with the touch of a button, conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook.

How does Plantronics lifter work?

Plantronics made the handset lifter many years ago. It is very simple. It uses adhesive tape to stick to the side of your phone, and it works on most telephones, even very basic phones. When you push a button on the headset, it lifts a flap, and that flap lifts your handset up, and it simulates you taking a call.

What is a telephone lifter?

What is a Wireless Headset Lifter? An automatic handset lifter is a electronic device that gives you the ability to answer your telephone call away from your phone. The lifter only lifts the handset. If your phone requires you to press a button to receive a call, you will still have to do so.

What is a headset lifter used for?

A wireless headset lifter is a device that allows you to take phone calls while away from your desk. This device provides a world of convenience to those using office wireless headsets.

How do I pair my Plantronics lifter?

To set up the handset lifter: Plug one end of the telephone interface cable (TIC) into the phone’s handset port and the other end into the base of your Plantronics product. Plug your phone’s handset cable into the box in the middle of the TIC. Firmly press the handset lifter power cord into the handset lifter jack.

Does Plantronics C052 have Bluetooth?

Being that the Plantronics C052 isn’t Bluetooth and doesn’t connect with your computer, there’s a simple fix! You can purchase a USB wireless headset if you choose or you can get the accessory below which will connect your C052 (CS510 or CS520) to a computer.

How does electronic hook switch work?

An electronic hook switch (EHS) is a device which electronically connects a wireless headset and phone. Users can handle calls with the headset only, freeing them from remaining next to the phone. Switching from handset to headset is typically accomplished by pushing a specific button.

What does an electronic hook switch do?

An Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) is a cable solution that connects a wireless headset base and a desk phone. An EHS enables call control functionality directly on the headset, eliminating the need for a mechanical handset lifter.

What does an EHS adapter do?

Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) adapters provide a ring alert signal to your headset anytime your deskphone rings. It also allows you to answer and end calls right from your headset anywhere within your headset’s range. EHS adapters eliminate the need for an HL10 handset lifter.

How do I pair my Plantronics C052 to my phone?

Unplug your telephone handset from the base of your phone. Included with your Plantronics headset is a phone cord. Plug the big end into the Plantronics C052 charging base and plug the other end into the HANDSET port of your desk phone.