What is so great about Harvard University?

What is so great about Harvard University?

Harvard is a great school, and it attracts many of the best and brightest students from all over the world. It also has amazing resources and highly accomplished professors. Anyone who makes it through the absurdly competitive admissions process will get an excellent education.

Does the rumpus pay?

Beginning May 2016, we began to pay feature writers and book reviewers. Each month, we set aside $300. All eligible contributors are able to opt in for payment at the end of the month, and the money is divided between those writers who opt in. Payments average $10-25 per writer each month.

How do I get my poetry book reviewed?

Literary magazines that have published work that’s in the book may be interested in reviewing it. This has happened for me a few times. So, write a note to the review editor (if there is one) or the managing editor and see if they are interested.

How do I submit to catapult?

How to Send Your Flash Essay To The Catapult Submissions Portal:Write a flash essay of no longer than 1000 words.Your flash essay must be written in prose voice. Submit only one story at a time.Email your flash essay to an editor at catapult magazine, if you already have the editor’s email address.