What is SorbWeb?

What is SorbWeb?

SorbWeb™ Plus is a gravity-based subterranean secondary oil spill containment system that surrounds oil-filled equipment with geosynthetic materials. The system effectively traps oil from catastrophic oil spills and leaks.

What is oil containment system?

Containment systems are custom-designed based on site-specific variables. Electric power plants and substations use oil in their equipment to generate their electric power. The presence of oil in their operations subjects power plants and substations to environmental regulations and oversight.

Do transformers need secondary containment?

Secondary oil containment around transformers is critical for capturing oil spills and protecting the environment. Secondary oil containment around transformers is critical for capturing oil spills and protecting the environment. SPCC regulations provide guidance for containing oil-filled equipment.

How do booms and skimmers work?

Booms help to concentrate oil in thicker surface layers so that skimmers, vacuums, or other collection methods can be used more effectively. They are effective in calm water, but as wave height increases oil or other contaminants can easily wash over the top of the boom and render them useless.

What is a spill containment berm?

A spill containment berm is a secondary containment solution that prevents hazardous liquid leaks from polluting soil and water. Essentially, a berm acts as a large basin to catch different types of harmful chemical spills. Such as collecting hazmat liquids in decontamination stations, or truck washing decks.

What is the purpose of a spill containment kit?

A spill kit is used when a dangerous chemical spills or leaks in your workplace. The purpose of a spill kit is to contain, control and clean up. The hazardous substances that a spill kit can clean up include (but are not limited to): Petroleum.

What does containment mean in chemistry?

Containment is the process of preventing pollution or contamination of the immediate site environment by dust, debris, abrasives, chemicals, sprays and other materials that have been applied to prevent corrosion.

Are transformers exempt from SPCC?

Answer – Electrical transformers and similar equipment are covered by the SPCC regulation provided that they contain sufficient quantities of oil, and due to location, can reasonably be expected to spill their oil into navigable waters or adjourning shorelines.

How many gallons of oil go in a transformer?

A 300kVA oil-filled transformer would contain 300 to 400 gallons of mineral oil. What is being used nowadays is type 2 mineral oil.

How much do booms cost?

Cost breakdown for containment booms

Boom type Application Starting price
Foam-filled booms Rapid deployment from boat or shore for emergency response. 15mtr sections. Size300mm $330 Size 510mm $800 Size900mm $3,000

How effective are skimmers?

The efficiency of skimmers is highly dependent upon conditions at sea. In moderately rough or choppy water, skimmers tend to recover more water than oil. Oil floating on top of the water will spill over the dam and be trapped in a well inside, bringing with it as little water as possible.

How do you build a berm?

To build a berm, outline its shape and dig up any grass. Next, add the desired fill to the excavated area and begin packing around it with soil. Then, continue piling on the soil, tamping as you go, until you reach the desired height. The berm should carefully slope outward.