What is the 2021 theme for Catholic schools week?

What is the 2021 theme for Catholic schools week?

Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service
The theme for National Catholic Schools Week 2021 is “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” Schools typically observe the annual celebration week with Masses, open houses and other activities for students, families, parishioners and community members.

What is the theme for 2021 CSW?

The CSW 2021- 2024 theme is “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” Catholic schools have a specific purpose to form students to be good citizens of the world, love God and neighbor and enrich society with the leaven of the gospel and by example of faith.

Why do we celebrate Catholic School week?

Beginning the last Sunday in January, National Catholic Schools Week celebrates the Catholic education provided throughout the United States. The week recognizes the role Catholic schools play in the students’ lives, their family’s and their communities.

What is Catholic education week 2020?

Catholic Education Week 2020 takes place May 18 to 22. This year’s theme is “United in Prayer and Grateful for Our Catholic Schools”, and we have much to be thankful for! It goes without saying that many of us are missing our friends, classmates, teachers, and school staff during this time of home learning.

What is Catechetical Sunday?

Catechetical Sunday is an opportunity to thank catechists for the work that they do. It is also an opportunity for catechists to reflect on their call to share and live out their faith. On Catechetical Sunday, catechists are called forth to be commissioned for their ministry.

Who created Catholic Schools Week?

Catholic Schools Week began in 1974 and is a joint project of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

What was the first Catholic school in Australia?

Parramatta Marist High School
Founded in 1820 by John Therry, it was the first Catholic school established in Australia, and second oldest school in Australia….

Parramatta Marist High School
Established 1820
Founder John Therry
Educational authority New South Wales Department of Education
Oversight Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta

What is Catholic Schools Week all about?

Catholic Schools Week is a national celebration of Catholic education and an opportunity to recognize the importance, the value, and the contributions of Catholic education to the Church and the world. Catholic Schools Week is sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA).

What is the purpose of Catholic education?

The purpose of Catholic schools is beside quality education and upbringing to give alternative content of education and upbringing, new methods and forms.

Why is Catholic education important?

Daily exposure to the Catholic faith is important to developing a strong religious foundation. Daily lessons in the Catholic faith create a strong foundation for children. Graduates of Catholic high schools are statistically more likely to continue church involvement as an adult.

What does catechetical mean in English?

to teaching by question
pertaining to teaching by question and answer. Also: catechetic. Derived forms. catechetically.

Can you use the Catholic schools week prayer?

You are welcome to use this Catholic Schools Week prayer in any school promotional materials, prayer services, school newsletters, emails, or webpages. Please cite the prayer with a link back to this website: www.thereligionteacher.com.

When is National Catholic Schools Week in the US?

National Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. Now entering its 47th anniversary year, CSW has traditionally been held the last week in January.

What is the parent’s prayer for the day?

Thank you for the gift of our children. and yet encourage them to explore. each day as a fresh start. and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. so they may know peace, truth, and goodness. May their ears hear your voice. May their eyes see your presence in all things. May their lips proclaim your word. May their hearts be your dwelling place.

When is discover Catholic Schools Week in 2020?

This year, Discover Catholic Schools Week will be held November 8–14, 2020, and is designated to help schools connect with prospective families, donors, educators and other community members. We want to help showcase what makes Catholic schools the best when families are looking to find the right school for them.