What is the best dish at Wagamama?

What is the best dish at Wagamama?

chicken katsu curry
No dish more so than chicken katsu curry, which, bought 2.5m times last year, is Wagamama’s most popular dish.

What food is served at Wagamama?

our menu

  • Sides. small plates with big taste.
  • curry. with a fresh twist.
  • ramen. fresh noodles in steaming broth, topped with meats or vegetables.
  • Teppanyaki. noodles sizzling from the grill.
  • Donburi. a big bowl of sticky white rice, topped with tender meat and crunchy vegetables.
  • Kokoro Bowls.
  • vegan.

What makes Wagamama unique?

What is the dining experience like? And one feature which makes Wagamama unique is the service – the food arrives as soon as it’s ready, so diners are not expected to wait for others before they tuck-in.

What should I order at Wagamamas?

Browse the most ordered dishes on the menu

  • Katsu Curry (Chicken) Chicken covered in an aromatic curry sauce.
  • Chilli Squid. Crispy fried squid, shichimi spice, chilli +
  • Steamed Chicken (Gyoza) Served grilled and with a dipping sauce.
  • Korean bbq beef, onion + asian slaw hirata buns.
  • Fried Duck (Gyoza)
  • Ebi Katsu (Prawn)

What is Cha Han wagamama?

When in London I have to have my ‘Wagamama’ fix and normally go for the Ramen but the Cha Han is my second favourite dish on the menu and one of there most popular dishes. Wonderfully versatile it is basically a rice and chopped veg stir fry. chopped coriander.

What is the lowest calorie dish at Wagamamas?


  • Sirloin and shitake salad, 455 calories.
  • Chicken harusame noodle salad, 441 calories.
  • Tofu harusame noodle salad, 437 calories.
  • Pad Thai salad, 345 calories.
  • Seared Nuoc Cham Tuna, 517 calories.
  • Kare burosu, 585 calories.
  • Chicken Ramen, 476 calories.
  • Chilli Prawn & Kimchee Ramen, 514 calories.

What has the least calories in Wagamama?

The Absolute Lowest Calorie Dish in Wagamama it’s the same as when I first wrote this post in 2017 and it’s The Pad Thai Salad. At 349 calories (slightly up from 2017) this is the lowest calorie main meal you can order at Wagamama full stop.

Why is wagamama a good place?

wagamama it’s a company with a great structure and offer lot’s of support to be the best you can be at your role. full of people who really care for the success of the company but most importantly care for each other, have passion for fresh food and know how to have fun while working in face pace environment..

What is the pink stuff in Wagamamas salad?

Gari is probably the most widely known tsukemono because it is often served as a palate cleanser alongside sushi. The best gari is made with young ginger, which is naturally pink-hued around the edges—when brined, the slices take on that distinctive blushing color.

What makes Wagamama successful?

Launched in 1992 in London by Yau, Wagamama was a pioneer in many aspects of the restaurant sector thanks to its cutting-edge minimalist design, comparatively healthy food, communal dining, low prices, dishes turning up at different times and no-smoking policy.

What are the Wagamama values?

the wagamama way it means caring for each other, embracing change, communicating openly and honestly, owning your future and helping lead your team to success!

How do you make Wagamama ramen at home?

It’s like having the secret keys to Wagamama enabling you to make your own dish from home. First prepare by halving the garlic and slicing the ginger. Mix the chicken stock, 4 tablespoons of soy sauce, garlic cloves, sliced ginger, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, Chinese five-spice, and 300 ml of water in a large saucepan or stockpot.

Are there any Wagamama recipes in Feed Your Soul?

Either way, enjoying your favourite dish just got a whole lot easier with the arrival of Wagamama’s new Feed Your Soul cookbook. Fifteen years after the launch of the original Wagamama recipe guide, Feed Your Soul shares even more step-by-step guides to some of the chain’s most popular, flavourful dishes – including that katsu curry.

What’s the best dish to eat at Wagamama?

For more protein, this dish works well with the addition of tofu. Our most iconic and best-loved dish at Wagamama, the katsu curry is undoubtably the ultimate Japanese comfort food. We’ve created this version for you to make at home, which is close to our original, but the only way to experience a Wagamama katsu is, of course, in our restaurants.

Can you make a Wagamama Katsu at home?

We’ve created this version for you to make at home, which is close to our original, but the only way to experience a Wagamama katsu is, of course, in our restaurants. This dish, inspired by Japanese street food, has been on the Wagamama menu since the day we opened in 1992. It’s everyone’s favourite noodle stir-fry.