What is the code for window well covers?

What is the code for window well covers?

The horizontal area of the window well shall be not less than 9 square feet (0.9 m2), with a horizontal projection and width of not less than 36 inches (914 mm). The area of the window well shall allow the emergency escape and rescue opening to be fully opened.

How much do egress window covers cost?

Egress windows can cost from $300 to $700 including shipping depending on style, and size. The casement out-swings cost less but many times an in-swing egress window would be a better choice for a basement bedroom application.

How much should window well covers cost?

Most homeowners spend between $414 to $680 nationally. Get free estimates from local contractors who can Install a Window Well Cover….$414. to. $680.

National Average Cost $605
Maximum Cost $1,500
Average Range $414 to $680

Are window well covers required by code?

Although not required, window well covers are especially important if the space around the ground level opening is along a walkway or near a children’s play area. Window well covers, however, can block sunlight, ventilation and emergency egress, especially if they become covered in snow and ice.

What is code for egress window wells?

The bottom of the egress window opening can’t exceed 44″ from the finished floor. The minimum opening area of the egress window is 5.7 square feet. The minimum egress window opening height is 24″ high. The minimum egress window opening is 20″ wide.

How do I pick a window well cover?

How to Choose Window Well Covers

  1. Choose window well covers made from durable, rustproof materials.
  2. Pick basement window covers that fit inside the window well, if possible.
  3. Select covers that can support weight.
  4. Buy window well covers that have a good warranty.

Are window well covers standard size?

Even the newer title of one-size-fits-most still leaves a lot of room for inadequate sizing. Window well coverings are one of those items you may at first think could be sold as a one size fits all or at least one size fits most. That’s what the shelves in the big box hardware stores would have you believe.

Should basement windows be covered?

Window well covers are also important for the safety of you and your family. Without a cover, a misstep can cause people or pets to fall into the well, risking potentially serious injury. A window well cover is also an effective way to keep intruders out of your basement.

Do you need to cover your window well?

Having a cover for your metal window well will help keep the snow, leaves, water, and even animals out. More importantly, it can help with the problems with drainage. Unless the well has a special designed drain, you may end up with water inside your house.

What do window well covers and grates do?

Styles vary from dome to hinged and sizes accompany each brand of window well. Grates are generally manufactured of steel and provide added protection from animals or people falling into the well. They allow not only natural light but also ventilation to your well system.

How much does a window well cover cost?

Price: $525.00–$784.00 These lightweight yet sturdy plastic well covers are used in conjunction with the Stif Back II grates to ensure that no one steps into your window well by accident, while also keeping out rain, snow, leaves and other debris.

Why do you need a well cover for a basement window?

Window well covers and grates offer protection as well as style to your basement egress system. Well covers prevent people and pets from falling into open wells. They also provide protection from weather and keep leaves and other yard debris from cluttering the window well.

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