What is the contribution of Estrada in science and technology?

What is the contribution of Estrada in science and technology?

The philippine clean air act of 1999 and the Electronic Commerce act of 2000 were the two major legislation that turned into signed through the president Joseph Estrada. – The sustainable improvement is insured in Philippine easy air act this is designed to protect the natural resources in preserve the environment.

What is the contribution of Estrada in agriculture?

The Estrada administration widened the coverage of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) to the landless peasants in the country side. The latter’s administration distributed more than 266,000 hectares of land to 175,000 landless farmers, including land owned by the traditional rural elite.

What is Joseph Estrada known for?

Joseph Ejercito Estrada (Tagalog pronunciation: [ɛsˈtɾada], born Jose Marcelo Ejercito; April 19, 1937), also known by the nickname Erap, is a Filipino politician and former actor who served as the 13th president of the Philippines from 1998 to 2001, 9th vice president of the Philippines from 1992 to 1998, and the 21st …

What are the contribution of Estrada administration in education?

Estrada increased budget for basic education and planned to achieve universal Primary education by 2015. He spent more amount for early childhood education and pre-school education. He built economic reforms to support the finance department of Philippines.

What is the contribution of Estrada administration in labor and employment?

During Estrada’s administration,he was able to secure many jobs for many Filipinos who were jobless at the moment under the new governments drive to find jobs for the job seekers. Many were able to secure jobs in their country as well as abroad.

What is the contribution of Estrada administration in tourism?

First, it cuts tourist traffic from the Philippines’ biggest and fastest growing market – East Asia. Second, it curtails public and private investment in tourism development and promotion. Third, it makes the competition for the international tourist traffic even more intense.

What is the contribution of Aquino administration in agriculture?

Aquino III (PNoy) is to strengthen the agricultural sector. One of the major strategies identified towards the attainment of this is to make credit more accessible to small farmers and fisherfolk to help in the improvement of their productivity and, thereby, the improvement of their household incomes as well.

Who has the longest term as president in Philippines?

Ferdinand Marcos
Ferdinand Marcos is the longest-serving president, having been in office for 20 years, 57 days (7,362 days).

Who was the only president to have been impeached in the Philippines?

President Joseph Estrada was accused of bribery, graft and corruption, betrayal of public trust, and culpable violation of the Constitution during the impeachment of 2000, to determine the accusations, the House of Representatives choose 11 members to act as prosecutors with the Senate as the impeachment court and the …

What is the contribution of Estrada administration in finance?

What is tourism in Estrada administration?

Brainly User. Answer: As part of the Estrada Administration’s back-to-basics tourism program, the DOT launched a drive for clean restrooms in gasoline stations, bus stations, stores, restaurants and municipal buildings. The Tourist Assistance Centers are being estrablished by the DOT to offer a range of services.

When did Gloria Macapagal assumed her presidency?

The presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, also known as the Arroyo administration, spanned nine years from January 20, 2001, to June 30, 2010.

What was Joseph Ejercito Estrada’s contribution to the world?

Here are a few details about Estrada and his contributions to the world and his country: Estrade began as a film actor he appeared in over 100 films over 33 years. This popularity enabled him to serve as mayor for San Juan for 17 years. He also served as Senator for one term and Vice President before becoming president.

What did President Estrada do in the Philippines?

On September 1999, he issued Executive Order (EO) 151, also known as Farmer’s Trust Fund, which allows the voluntary consolidation of small farm operation into medium and large scale integrated enterprise that can access long-term capital. President Estrada launched the Magkabalikat Para sa Kaunlarang Agraryo or MAGKASAKA.

How is the Estrada administration going to help the youth?

An Estrada Administration will assist out-of-school youth by providing skills training for jobs that do not require a diploma. This is also intended to curb the unemployment rate because 45% of the country’s unemployed are part of the youth who have received no more than a high school education. 5. Make college affordable for everyone

Why was Joseph Ejercito Estrada impeached in the Philippines?

That is why he was impeached due to his plunder and perjury case. The Central bank raised interest rates by 1.75%. The BSP was forced to intervene heavily to defend the peso raising the overnight rate from 15% to 24%. The pesa fell from 26 per dollar to 28 pesos to 40 pesos by the end of the crisis.