What is the difference between Isodry and Isovac?

What is the difference between Isodry and Isovac?

The Isodry is a dedicated isolation device that is connected directly into your chair’s HVE and comes with an integrated vacuum hose. The Isovac does not include an integrated HVE hose. Rather, the Isovac control head connects directly to your existing HVE line.

How much does Isodry cost?

Today you have three options at different price points: the Isolite ($1695), the IsoDry ($795), and the IsoVac ($300).

What is an Isodry?

The Isodry® dental isolation system provides two channels of continuous hands-free vacuum suction. The strong, ultra-lightweight Isodry Control Head Assembly is constructed of titanium and weighs only 2.5 ounces.

What is a dental isolation system?

Isolite is a revolutionary dental device that improves patient comfort and reduces procedure time. The soft flexible mouthpiece protects the patient’s tongue and cheek while aspirating fluid and oral debris.

What is an Isovac?

Isovac is a dental isolation adapter that can easily be relocated to any operatory in a dental practice. Isovac connects onto your existing HVE coupler whenever and wherever needed.

Who makes isolite?

Tom Hirsch, DDS, Co-Founder of Zyris. Zyris, Inc. produces, sells and supports a range of dental isolation systems, including the newly announced Isolite 3, the Isodry and the Isovac.

Can you reuse isolite?

The Isolite Mouthpiece package is clearly labeled “Disposable. Do not re-use. Re-use can result in the transmission of infections, pathogens.” Isolite mouthpieces are used to keep the airway clear during a dental procedure.

What is isolite made of?

Isolite’s proprietary and patented Mouthpiece has been specifically designed and engineered around the anatomy and morphology of the mouth to accommodate every patient, from children to the elderly. Mouthpieces are constructed of a soft, flexible polymer and are not made with natural rubber latex.

How much does Dryshield cost?

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Item No. Price
D86-5002 $487.50
D86-5012 $900.00
D86-5016 $100.00
D86-5018 $100.00

What do you need for an isodry dental isolation system?

Each Isodry Dental Isolation System comes with: one (1) Titanium Control Base, six (6) Vacuum Pipes, and one (1) Vacuum Hose. Accessories Included: Suction Line Plug, Mouthpiece Lubricant, Suction Channel Tube Brush, Y-adapter Kit, O-ring Maintenance Kit, and Instructions for Use.

What are the benefits of the Isolite dental isolation system?

Maximize comfort with an integrated bite-block allowing patients to relax their jaw. Provide safety with airway protection and soft-tissue retraction. Enhance visibility intraorally with 10,000-hour 90 lumen LED. Isolite® Mouthpieces come in a range of sizes made with the intent to serve various morphologies of the mouth.

What kind of warranty does Isolite systems have?

Isolite Systems guarantees the highest level of quality for every item we manufacture. Every system comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and components.

Why is the Zyris Isolite 3 so important?

Better Dentistry. Providing unparalleled control of the oral environment due to its capabilities of improved visibility, oral humidity control, and contamination minimization, the new Isolite® 3 also offers a brighter light, a more robust head design, and a suction hose that won’t kink.