What is the English word of sobra?

What is the English word of sobra?

surplus , remnant. sobras plural feminine noun. 1 remains. 2 (de tecido) remnants.

What is a good sentence for translation?

Translation sentence example. The translator was not always good at picking up every word, but she didn’t need the translation of the unknown word. The expression on his face as he handed the translation to her said he needed the confidence that moment provided.

How do you use Ng and Nang?

Translating that sentence in Filipino would require the Filipino conjunction ‘ng’ to conjunct the verb (bought [bumili]) to its object (a new car [bagong sasakyan]). Therefore, Siya ay bumili ng bagong sasakyan. On the other hand, the Filipino word ‘nang’ is the counterpart of the English conjunction when.

What does Subra mean?

patience. subra (also: saburi, subira, uvumilivu)

What is the synonyms of excessively?

Some common synonyms of excessive are exorbitant, extravagant, extreme, immoderate, and inordinate. While all these words mean “going beyond a normal limit,” excessive implies an amount or degree too great to be reasonable or acceptable.

How do you use translate in a sentence?

Examples of translate in a Sentence We need someone who can translate Japanese into English. We have translated the report. The book has been translated into 37 languages.

What is good translation?

A good translation captures the spirit of a text without slavishly following it to the letter. It captures the energy and texture and voice of the source text and replicates them in the translation, drawing on all the resources of the target language. A good translation conveys what is written between the lines.

How do you use Ng in Tagalog?

Tagalog Na/-ng Na/-ng is used to link certain words together. For instance, it is used to link adjectives with what they are describing. * /ng/ replaces /n/. * When used to mean that, which or who, na may also be used after words ending in a vowel or /n/.