What is the height difference between Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl?

What is the height difference between Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl?

The jazz singer, 40, stands at five foot three inches (1.64 metres) while his wife Sophie, an English author and model, is six feet tall (1.83m). Jamie told the publication their height difference made people think he was “about 12 years old”.

Who is Sophie Dahl’s husband?

Jamie Cullumm. 2010
Sophie Dahl/Husband
On 9 January 2010, Dahl married the singer Jamie Cullum. They had their first child, a daughter named Lyra, in March 2011. The couple had a second daughter, Margot, in March 2013. The family live in Buckinghamshire.

How tall is Sophie Dahl ft?

1.83 m
Sophie Dahl/Height

Who is Jamie Cullum’s wife?

Sophie Dahlm. 2010
Jamie Cullum/Wife

How tall is Jamie Mccallum?

1.64 m
Jamie Cullum/Height

What age is Sophie Dahl?

44 years (September 15, 1977)
Sophie Dahl/Age

Is Sophie Dahl still married?

Jamie Cullum has spoken about the importance of ‘growing to meet each other’ in a long-term relationship. The musician, who has been married to model and author Sophie Dahl for almost 10 years, explained how they met in an exclusive interview for Red’s March issue (out 31st Jan).

Is Jamie Cullum still married to Sophie?

Jamie has been married to English model Sophie Dahl since 2010, and they have two daughters. Lyra was born in March 2011, and Margot was born in March 2013.

How tall is Jamie Cullum feet?

Is Jamie Cullum still married?

Who is married to Roald Dahl’s granddaughter?

musician Cullum
Statuesque Dahl, who is the granddaughter of children’s author Roald Dahl, married jazz musician Cullum at the start of the year. The couple celebrated their wedding at a luxurious country hotel in January after keeping the event secret from all but their closest friends and family.

How tall is Jamie Cullum in feet?