What is the height restriction on Storrow Drive?

What is the height restriction on Storrow Drive?

10 feet
For those unfamiliar with the term, “storrowed” is what happens when someone drives a large box truck onto Storrow Drive in Boston, unaware that the road’s bridges have a height limit of 10 feet (despite the many, many signs on the on-ramps indicating that).

What is Storrow Drive clearance?

Getting “Storrowed,” as New Englanders commonly refer to it, is when an unwitting driver crashes a moving truck into a low-clearance bridge on Storrow Drive. It’s an event so ubiquitous on the parkway that it even has its own entry in Urban Dictionary.

Can a cargo van go on Storrow Drive?

If you’ve rented a Uhaul Cargo Van for your move, you’re still in good shape for a Storrow-friendly move. These vans are 7 feet tall, have over 200 cubic feet of space for moving goods, and are relatively cheap to rent.

How did Storrow Drive get its name?

The parkway is named for James J. Storrow, an investment banker who led a campaign to create the Charles River Basin and preserve and improve the riverbanks as a public park. He had never advocated a parkway beside the river, and his widow publicly opposed it.

What is the lowest clearance on Storrow Drive?

The act of trucks getting stuck on Storrow Drive has become know as getting “Storrowed.” The height limit on Storrow Drive is 10 feet, so trucks and buses are not allowed to travel through the city using the popular route.

How tall are the bridges on Storrow Drive?

The truck height limit on Storrow drive in Boston is 10ft. So whether it’s a college student moving on September 1st or young professional moving to the North End or the Seaport, you want to be mindful of this when thinking about your big moving day. putting a 12’6” truck under a 10’6” bridge. Common in Boston MA.

Can trucks drive on Storrow Drive?

Trucks are not welcome on Storrow Drive, due to the low clearance. However, despite numerous signs, “Storrowing” is a common occurrence.

Who was Storrow Drive Boston named after?

James Storrow
Bitter defeat was compounded when the road was named after James Storrow, the Brahmin champion of the park, whose widow donated much of the money to build the Esplanade, with the stipulation there be no road.

What is the height of the Sumner Tunnel?

Height limitations

Way Maximum Vehicle Height
Callahan Tunnel 12 feet 6 inches
Sumner Tunnel 12 feet 6 inches
O’Neill Tunnel (I-93) 13 feet 6 inches
CANA (City Square) Tunnel 13 feet 6 inches

Can trucks go on Memorial Drive Boston?

State Numbered Routes (except where prohibited by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation on Memorial Drive and Fresh Pond Parkway), are open to trucks at all times, including: Route 2A (Massachusetts Avenue) Route 28 (O’Brien/McGrath Highway)

What does Storrowing mean?

The Boston area averaged more than one case of “Storrowing” a day last month, according to “Only In Boston.” The Twitter account said in August, 34 trucks “Storrowed” — the Boston slang for when over-height trucks hit bridges or get stuck along Storrow Drive — the most notorious road for box truck traffic debacles — …

How deep underwater is Sumner Tunnel?

approximately 3,960 feet
Later, non-commercial traffic was allowed to access the tunnel on weekends and holidays. In 2003, with the substantial completion of the I-90 portion of the Big Dig, the tunnel was opened to all traffic at all times. The tunnel is 8,448 feet (2,575 m) long, of which approximately 3,960 feet (1,210 m) are underwater.

How tall can a truck be on Storrow Drive?

There is a 10 foot (3.0 m) height limit for the entire parkway. Local media has taken to referring to these kinds of accidents as a truck being “Storrowed”, and the city of Boston has annual advisories in August to those renting box trucks for college move-ins to avoid the city’s low-clearance parkway system, including Storrow Drive.

When did the construction of Storrow Drive start?

Construction took place in the years 1950–1951. As part of the attempt to preserve park land, any land used by the highway had to be replaced by reclaiming new land along the shoreline. Storrow Drive was officially opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony by Governor Paul A. Dever on June 15, 1951.

Where is Storrow Drive in New York City?

He had never advocated a parkway beside the river, and his widow publicly opposed it. The segment between the interchange with Route 28 near Copley Square and Leverett Circle, the road is officially David G. Mugar Way (formerly Embankment Road ), although still signed as Storrow Drive.

Is there a pedestrian overpass on Storrow Drive?

Because Storrow Drive is a high-speed limited-access road, pedestrian access is prevented by a series of perimeter fences. To connect the Charles River Esplanade (a popular park and recreational area along the south bank of the river) to adjacent Boston neighborhoods, a number of pedestrian overpasses have been constructed.