What is the latest version of SilverStripe?

What is the latest version of SilverStripe?

Silverstripe CMS

Silverstripe CMS administrator interface version 4.0
Developer(s) Silverstripe
Stable release 4.7.3 / 2021-03-05[±]
Repository Silverstripe Repository
Operating system Cross-platform

How do you install SilverStripe?

Installation Steps Visit your domain or IP address in your web browser. You will be presented with an installation wizard asking for database and login credentials. After a couple of minutes, your site will be set up. Visit your site and enjoy!

Is SilverStripe easy to use?

Silverstripe Is Easy to Use As previously mentioned, Silverstripe is easier to use than many other content management systems, including Drupal. Even if you’ve never used Silverstripe before, you’ll be an expert in no time. It is simple and straightforward, making for an easy learning curve.

Is SilverStripe better than WordPress?

Security. SilverStripe has a huge security advantage over WordPress just because of the latter’s popularity. It may not be 100 percent secure from malicious threats, but it’s less of a target for hackers compared to WordPress. It also has built-in security permissions or roles to manage user/group permissions.

How do I update SilverStripe?

Install or update the upgrader tool Download the upgrader as a PHAR executable or wget https://silverstripe.github.io/silverstripe-upgrader/upgrade-code.phar. Make the file executable chmod +x upgrade-code. phar. Move the file to a folder in your path, for example sudo mv upgrade-code.

Does SilverStripe use PHP?

SilverStripe is a PHP-based application that connects to a database, so in order to run it, you’ll need a webserver. You won’t want to be doing all of your development on a remote environment, so setting up a local webserver is highly recommended.

Is SilverStripe a good CMS?

When it comes to SilverStripe vs WordPress – they are both top-end CMS solutions that are brilliantly developed and intuitive to manipulate. SilverStripe and WordPress are both very capable and versatile pieces of software allowing the creation of interactive and top-ranked websites within a short period of time.

Is SilverStripe open-source?

With Silverstripe Cloud, you receive NZ based, 24/7 support from the team of experts that build Silverstripe CMS, our open-source software. Create a successful technology stack by pairing best-of-breed cloud technologies with our proven, flexible, and CMS solution.

Is SilverStripe any good?

“Great CMS for a website. The best thing about SilverStripe CMS apart from all the excellent features it offers is the fact that it is open sourced and can be modified throughly. Moreover, the flexibility it provides over WordPress is great. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

Is SilverStripe easy?

SilverStripe is easy to use, SEO-friendly, and super-secure as its robust security is threaded across its interface and back-end technology. It also doesn’t rely on third-party plugins like WordPress for better functionality.

Is Silverstripe better than WordPress?

Where can I download a theme for SilverStripe?

Themes are published and downloaded using Composer, just like any other SilverStripe module. Themes can be installed through composer. Note: [version] should be replaced with a version constraint if you know it, otherwise leave it blank to pull the latest version compatible with your project.

Which is the default theme for SilverStripe CMS?

Simple theme is the default theme which comes bundled with a new installation of SilverStripe. If you download SilverStripe without this theme you can also find it on GitHub or Composer to use and alter as you wish. The Simple theme is used in SilverStripe tutorials as an example of how themes can work with SilverStripe CMS.

Where do I put my PHP templates in SilverStripe?

More specifically, PHP classes and configuration files are kept in the project directory, while templates, CSS, images, and Javascript are kept in the theme directory. In a default installation of SilverStripe, your project directory is called mysite/, and lives in the web root.

Can you add an add on to SilverStripe?

Extend and enhance SilverStripe faster and easier than you can when writing your own code. You can also submit your own add-ons. SilverStripe support for the Google Sitemaps XML system, enabling Google and other search engines to see all urls on your site.