What is the Order of the Arrow admonition?

What is the Order of the Arrow admonition?

It is whispered between members of the Order of the Arrow, and it can be used to test if a person is a member of the Order by asking, “What is the admonition?” Allowat Sakima gives the Admonition to you during the Ordeal Ceremony. We must always safeguard the admonition.

Do the Boy Scouts still have Order of the Arrow?

The Order of the Arrow has more than 160,000 active members located in lodges affiliated with over 270 BSA local councils. As of August 2018, there is now an OA lodge in every council across the United States.

What does Ahoalton mean?

Ahoalton—“To Love One Another” The admonition of the Order of the Arrow is Ahoalton. It. is pronounced Ah’-ho-al’-ton. The admonition is a word.

What is the Order of the Arrow conclave?

The program was designed to help vault the Order of the Arrow into a new era of local support. The team of leaders understood the ever-growing role of the section on today’s program and wanted to give you the support and materials to make your conclave easier, and impactful.

What is the secret password of the Order of the Arrow?

The password is the Admonition of the Order ( in all lower case letters, no spaces, no quotes, no punctuation.) If you do not know the Admonition, ask another member, a member of the Ordeal Ceremony team, or lodge officer or adviser.

What percentage of Boy Scouts are in Order of the Arrow?

Induction rate measures the percentage of Scouts that are elected into the OA that actually take their Ordeal. Only 75% of Scouts that get elected, on average, choose to become inducted. Activation rate measures the number of new Arrowmen that come to their first lodge event within six months of their induction.

Where does Order of the Arrow patch go?

right pocket flap
The Order of the Arrow Lodge flap identifies Scouts who are apart of an Order of the Arrow Lodge. These patches are worn directly on the right pocket flap and are the only approved patch to be worn in this location.

What is the Brotherhood ordeal?

➢ The four tests of the Ordeal: a) Night Alone – to teach you self-reliance and to show that you are set apart from your fellow Scouts for something higher. b) 24 Hours of Silence – to tum your thoughts inward to the things of the spirit. c) Scant Food – to teach you the virtues of self-denial.

Can an Eagle Scout award be taken away?

Regardless of an Eagle Scout’s subsequent indiscretions, his Eagle status is not revoked.” (Thanks, Mike!) Therefore, because Eagle rank is earned and not bestowed, there is no person or body that can revoke it.

How do you pronounce Ahoalton?

Phonetic spelling of ahoalton

  1. a-o-AL-ton.
  2. ahoal-ton. Alexis Cruickshank.
  3. ah-ho-al-ton.

How many Order of the Arrow lodges are there?

300 lodges
Presently, the Order of the Arrow consists of nearly 300 lodges, which form approximately 48 sections in four regions.