What is the Pantheon in Rome famous for?

What is the Pantheon in Rome famous for?

The Roman Pantheon is the most preserved and influential building of ancient Rome. It is a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome. As the brick stamps on the side of the building reveal it was built and dedicated between A.D 118 and 125.

Are there mosaics in the Pantheon?

It’s one of the most amazing buildings in Rome, but not many people have an idea of what it is or how it grew. Knowing even a little bit about what’s inside will make your visit much more enjoyable. This stunning gold and sky blue mosaic design is somewhere inside the Pantheon.

Where is the Roman Pantheon located in Rome?

Pantheon, Rome

Location Regio IX Circus Flaminius
Coordinates 41.8986°N 12.4768°E
Type Roman temple
Builder Trajan, Hadrian

Who built the Pantheon in Rome?

statesman Marcus Agrippa
The Pantheon is situated on the site of an earlier structure of the same name, built around 25 B.C. by statesman Marcus Agrippa, and is thought to have been designed as a temple for Roman gods.

What does the Pantheon represent?

The Pantheon is a world-renowned monument located in Rome. This recognizable monument was constructed to be the house of all gods worshiped by ancient romans. This is reflected also in the name of the building, which comes from the Greek and means “all the gods” (pan= all, theos = god).

What is the function of the Pantheon?


What is inside the Pantheon?

There are no windows inside but the large oculus! The Pantheon now contains the tombs of the famous artist Raphael and of several Italian Kings and poets. The marble floor, which features a design consisting of a series of geometric patterns, is still the ancient Roman original.

What sculptures are in the Pantheon?

Ancient sources mention that statues inside the Pantheon included Julius Caesar, Venus, and Mars, as well as Augustus and Agrippa outside it. For the first emperor of Rome, these connections to the gods would have been personal. Caesar claimed descent from the goddess Venus, and he himself was deified after his death.

Where is the Pantheon located in the Mediterranean region?

The Pantheon is one of the most impressive historical and architectural sites in the centre of Rome.

How many pantheons are there?

Below is a list of all 16 pantheons and their gods.

Who built the Parthenon?


When was the pantheon first built?

125 AD

When was the Pantheon built in ancient Rome?

The Pantheon, Rome, c. 125 The Pantheon in Rome is a true architectural wonder. Described as the “sphinx of the Campus Martius”—referring to enigmas presented by its appearance and history, and to the location in Rome where it was built—to visit it today is to be almost transported back to the Roman Empire itself.

Where are the mosaics from the Roman Empire?

The new exhibition Roman Mosaics across the Empire (at the Getty Villa through September 12) features examples from Italy, France, North Africa, and Syria, some dating back 2,100 years.

What’s the name of the church in the Pantheon?

It’s important to remember that, whilst most visitors go to the Pantheon to see a monument, it is a modern working church, the current name of which is the ‘Basilica of Holy Mary of the Martyrs’ ( Sancta Maria ad Martyres ). The high altar and look – there’s that mosaic I mentioned here!

What kind of marble is in the Pantheon in Rome?

The floor is set out in a regular pattern of squares and circles in fine marble with rich reds, warn yellow browns and stark black and white. This pattern radiates from a central disc of bronze which contains holes to allow the rainwater to drain away (it does sometimes rain in Rome!).