What is the poem my parents about?

What is the poem my parents about?

Summary of My Parents It was first published in the 19th The poem is about childhood games, bullying and making friends. It also illustrates the parent’s love and their protective instinct for their children. The child’s parents restrict him and keep him away from the rough children, fearing they will make fun of him.

What does salt coarse pointing mean?

The line you cite is in the second stanza where the speaker is talking about the aspects of the boys that he fears. I think that “salt coarse” is a metaphor that likens the way they point at him to salt. Salt is coarse (at least rock salt is) and it can sting if you are hit with it or if it is rubbed in wounds.

Who threw words like stones?

The boys he described threw words like stones not because they were evil, but because they were suffering. They had trouble putting their thoughts into words because they felt abandoned. The speaker wants to forgive them but he can’t because although he tries to laugh it off, they never smile back.

What type of poem is my parents kept me?

This poem is structured with stanzas. Therefore, this is a formal poem. Each stanza consists of four lines. However, the poem does not employ and end-rhyme scheme – there is no regular end-rhyme per se in this poem, such as a strict ABAB rhyme scheme, or some such other end-rhyme scheme.