What is the theme for Red Ribbon Week 2020?

What is the theme for Red Ribbon Week 2020?

Miami (February 3, 2020) – The Red Ribbon Campaign unveiled its new 2020 Red Ribbon Theme, “Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free. ™” which was chosen from hundreds of submissions through a national contest, and will be used throughout 2020 in thousands of schools and communities across America.

What are some ideas for Red Ribbon Week?

23 Inspiring Red Ribbon Week Ideas and Activities For Schools

  • Decorate your doors. This is probably one of the most popular Red Ribbon Week ideas!
  • Hold a coloring contest.
  • Dress up for spirit days.
  • Come up with a slogan.
  • Write a song or rap.
  • Take a group photo.
  • Take a school-wide pledge.
  • Link up to be drug-free.

Is Red Ribbon Week bad?

Red Ribbon Week is a great way to make children aware of the dangers of drug use. In elementary, drug and alcohol awareness is thoroughly presented to the students in a fun and enthusiastic way. The themed week, however, seems to be ineffective towards teenagers.

Who created the theme for Red Ribbon Week 2020 what school and city is she from?

Tricia Nelson
Be Drug Free is the 2020 Nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign theme created by Tricia Nelson of Locust Corner Elementary School in Cincinnati. The week of events is designed by each school or community holding them.

What are three examples of activities that you can do during Red Ribbon Week?

Here are a few fun ideas for Red Ribbon Week dress up days:

  • “Sock it to drugs!” – Wear crazy socks.
  • “Team up against drugs” – Wear sports jerseys.
  • “Lei off drugs” – Wear Hawaiian clothes.
  • “Don’t get mixed up in drugs” – Wear mismatched clothes.
  • “Too bright for drugs” – Wear neon clothes.

What do schools do for Red Ribbon Week?

Schools, businesses, the faith community, media, families, and community coalitions join together to celebrate Red Ribbon Week in many ways, such as: sponsoring essay and poster contests; organizing drug-free races; decorating buildings in red; handing out red ribbons to customers; holding parades or community events; …

How do you celebrate Red Ribbon Week virtually?

Have a drive-up party and decorate your car with red ribbons and balloons and drive thru your neighbor or school parking lot with friends. Sponsor a virtual Red Ribbon Week activity (e.g., fun run; bike-a-thon; bookmark, poster, or essay contest; classroom door decorating contest).

What is the purpose of red ribbon?

Just like the Authentication Certificate (or “red ribbon”), an Apostille only certifies the origin of the public document to which it relates: it certifies the authenticity of the signature or seal of the person or authority that signed or sealed the public document and the capacity in which this was done.

Why do schools do Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week is designed to help parents and schools deliver an effective drug prevention curriculum. Red Ribbon Week is designed to create critical mass, which is necessary to reduce destructive social norms/behaviors and promote positive social norms/behaviors.

Is Red Ribbon Week evidence based?

Evidenced-based Programs. Red Ribbon events target specific age groups and are therefore typically split up by grade, each focusing on different topics.