What is the trunk region of a pig?

What is the trunk region of a pig?

The pig’s trunk is divided into two regions: thorax (chest) and abdomen (stomach). Examine the umbilical cord. Observe that it contains three blood vessels: a large vein (blue) and two smaller arteries (red). Observe the paired row of nipples on the ventral surface of the abdomen in both sexes.

What is the function of the pulmonary trunk in a fetal pig?

Pulmonary Trunk — This artery leaves the heart on the ventral surface from the right ventricle and angles to the left. 8. Pulmonary arteries — The main pulmonary trunk divides into these vessels. In the adult, the pulmonary arteries carry deoxygenated blood to the lungs.

Why does the ductus arteriosus close off at the time of birth fetal pig?

The pulmonary artery is capable of delivering a large amount of blood to the lungs but the lungs are not needed to oxygenate the blood of a fetus, so most of the blood is diverted to the aorta. Shortly after birth, the ductus arteriosus closes and blood in the pulmonary artery goes to the lungs instead of the body.

What organs are presented in the pig fetus?

Stomach, spleen, bile duct system, small intestines, kidneys, bladder, etc. – the remainder of the abdominal organs found in the fetal pig are basically the same as found in humans. Thymus – the thymus is found in the same areas in pigs as in humans.

What are the regions of a pig?

Terms in this set (82)

  • Caudal Region. The “tail end” of the pig.
  • Pelvic Region. The back region and/or between the hip bones.
  • Pectoral Region. The (upper) chest region.
  • Cranial Region. The region of the skull or head.
  • Anterior. The front of the body.
  • Posterior. The back of the body.
  • Proximal. closer.
  • Distal. far.

What are the 4 regions of a pig?

The stomach has four distinct areas which include the oesophageal, cardiac, fundic and pyloric regions (Figure 2). The oesophageal region is located at the entrance of the stomach from the oesophagus.

Where is the pulmonary trunk?

Location. The pulmonary trunk, which is relatively short and wide, is located at the exit of the right ventricle. This main arterial branch is located above the heart to the left of the ascending aorta.

Which organ provides oxygen to the fetal pig before birth?

The fetus is connected by the umbilical cord to the placenta, the organ that develops and implants in the mother’s uterus during pregnancy. Through the blood vessels in the umbilical cord, the fetus receives all the necessary nutrition, oxygen, and life support from the mother through the placenta.

Are pigs born with their eyes open or shut?

No. Are pigs born with their eyes open or shut? Shut.

Why do the lungs appear collapsed in the fetal pig?

Lungs appear collapsed in the fetus because they are filled with amniotic fluid and they have never been inflated with air yet.

What organ is attached to the umbilical cord in the fetal pig?

The largest organ in the abdominal cavity is by far the liver, just below the diaphragm (the flap of muscle separating the abdominal from the thoracic cavity). Notice the umbilical vein connecting the umbilical cord with the liver.

What are the 5 main regions of a pig?