What is the use of Arteether injection?

What is the use of Arteether injection?

Overview of Arteether Arteether is an anti-malarial medicine. It is used for the treatment of severe malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum strains.

How do you give an Arteether injection?

Intramuscular injection of 4.8mg/kg body weight as a loading dose followed by 1.6mg/kg body weight administered 6, 24, 48 and 72 hours after the loading dose. The injection can alternatively be continued on further consecutive days until the patient can take oral therapy with another effective antimalarial drug.

What is Alpha Beta injection?

Alpha Beta-Click Injection is an antiparasitic medication. It is used in the treatment of malaria. It is not used to prevent malaria or to treat severe malaria (where it has affected the brain, lungs, or kidneys).

Is Arteether injection safe in pregnancy?

Pregnancy. Not established. The World Health Organization currently advises against the use of artemisinins in the first trimester of pregnancy, unless in a lifesaving situation where other drugs are not suitable.

What class of drug is Arteether?

Artemether and lumefantrine is in a class of medications called antimalarials. It works by killing the organisms that cause malaria.

What is the best cure for malaria?

Medications. The most common antimalarial drugs include: Chloroquine phosphate. Chloroquine is the preferred treatment for any parasite that is sensitive to the drug.

What is the most severe form of malaria?

P falciparum and P vivax account for the vast majority of cases. P falciparum causes the most severe disease.

What is AB Arteether?

Abstract. alpha, beta-Arteether is an ethyl ether derivative of artemisinin which is an efficient schizontocidal drug in mild falciparum malaria. The present study reports the efficacy of the drug in severe falciparum malaria.

How many times can a pregnant woman treat malaria?

The National malaria control program,6,7 recommends two doses of IPT-SP during normal pregnancy; the first dose to be administered at quickening, which ensures that the woman is in the second trimester, and the second dose given at least one month from the first.

How much is Lonart DS in Nigeria?

On the average, a sachet (complete dose) of Lonart can be purchased for anything between N3, 500 and N5, 000 depending on the place of purchase and period of purchase.

Is Lonart good for malaria?

Benefits of Lonart Tablet Lonart Forte 40mg/240mg Tablet effectively treats malaria by killing the malarial parasites. However, it should not be used to prevent malaria and should be taken only when prescribed by a doctor. This medicine makes you feel better within a few days of treatment.

Which injection is best for malaria?

WHO recommends parenteral artesunate in preference to quinine for the treatment of severe P. Falciparum malaria in adults and children. Intravenous injection is the preferred route of administration although intramuscular injection is also possible.