What is the value of an Atmos clock?

What is the value of an Atmos clock?

The value of an Atmos clock may lie in its condition more than in its serial number or age. The most common Atmos types in fairly good condition can fetch anywhere from $300 to upward of $1,000. This is for model numbers 519, 526, 528 and 540. These clocks have the standard brass and gold-plated cases.

How do I know what model my Atmos clock is?

The Serial Number of an Atmos Clock is usually located on the top of the Movement, by the Speed Adjustment Lever. On some very older models, the serial number may actually be on the front of the Movement -near the hands and on Antique Reutter Clocks the serial number is often on the Back “Drum” portion.

How accurate are Atmos clocks?

All the components of the Atmos® clock are amazingly accurate and dependable; hence it has virtually wear-free operation. Nevertheless, as a result of pollution in the surrounding atmosphere, it is recommended that you should have your clock checked and serviced regularly.

Where are Atmos clocks made?

Atmos is the brand name of a mechanical torsion pendulum clock manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre in Switzerland which does not need to be wound manually. It gets the energy it needs to run from temperature and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment, and can run for years without human intervention.

How do you date an Atmos clock?

There is a simple formula for dating Atmos clocks made in 1954 or later. Take the serial number and divide it by 20,000. Add that to 1954, and you should be within a year or two. Your clock is right around 1954, maybe 1955.

Are Atmos clocks still made?

Are Atmos Clocks still manufactured and if so where? Since the late 1930’s, Atmos Clocks have always been manufactured in the same factory, in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, by highly skilled, master clockmakers and watchmakers. New models of Atmos clocks are manufactured each year.

Are Atmos clocks gold plated?

All Case Parts are disassembled, cleaned, polished and then re-plated with new 24KT Gold.

How do I fix my Atmos clock?

To restart an Atmos that has abruptly stopped – have the Pendulum in the UNLOCKED Position and slowly move the MINUTE HAND (only) around one complete turn clockwise; do not touch the hour hand. This should restart the Pendulum rotation again. Afterwards, Set the clock to the correct time using the minute hand only.

How does the Atmos clock work?

A clock that lives in the moment When the temperature rises, the gas expands, which in turn expands the capsule. When the temperature falls, the gas contracts, which in turn reduces the size of the capsule. Each time the capsule changes, it activates a small chain, which winds the clock.

What gas is in an Atmos clock?

ethylene chloride gas
Here’s how it works: inside every Atmos clock is a capsule filled with ethylene chloride gas. As temperature rises and falls, the gas expands or contracts, making the capsule expand or contract in turn.

How does an Atmos Clock work?

Where can I get an archive extract from Jaeger LeCoultre?

Please contact your authorized Jaeger‑LeCoultre retailer or your Jaeger‑LeCoultre boutique for more details Our Heritage service can issue an archive extract with the original technical details pertaining to your timepiece, at your request and based on the details you supply to us.

How long does it take to repair a Jaeger LeCoultre clock?

A complete service takes 5 to 10 weeks and entitles you to a 36-month guarantee as of the inspection date on all work carried out and parts replaced. The cost of the service will depend on the clock’s complexity. Please contact your authorized Jaeger‑LeCoultre retailer or your Jaeger‑LeCoultre boutique for more details

What makes the Atmos collection unique in the world?

Thus, the mechanism winds naturally, without any human intervention. The subtle union between the classic and the modern is the secret to the Atmos collection’s timelessness. Its unique design allows the observer to see the complexity of its machinery from all angles.