What jacket does Daniel Craig wear in Quantum of Solace?

What jacket does Daniel Craig wear in Quantum of Solace?

One of Daniel Craig’s most popular outfits in Quantum of Solace is his jacket in Bolivia. The dark navy cotton, zip-front jacket is by Tom Ford. Ford’s inspiration came from the G4 Harrington jacket by Baracuta, who have made Harrington jackets for over half a century.

Why was it named Quantum of Solace?

You’ve got to get away to save yourself.” In an interview, the producers explained: “It means that a relationship cannot be salvaged unless there is a ‘quantum of solace’ between the two parties, ‘Quantum’ meaning ‘measure’, and ‘solace’ meaning ‘comfort’, so if they are not willing to share that, then their …

What jacket does Daniel Craig wear in SkyFall?

Barbour X
James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket in the movie SkyFall (2012).

Who designs James Bond’s suits?

One of the most famous James Bond suits is the three-piece grey suit worn by Sean Connery in the… Tailor Anthony Sinclair, best known for providing the suits for Sean Connery in his James Bond… Anthony Sinclair, the creator of the famous conduit cut suit worn by Sean Connery in his Bond films…

Does James Bond wear Barbour?

James Bond wears the Barbour jacket in the Scotland scenes in SkyFall. It’s probably supposed to be an old hunting jacket that he finds in his parental home. Bond wears it when he uses an Anderson Wheeler rifle and during Silva’s attack of the SkyFall home.

What suit does James Bond wear in Spectre?

Tom Ford Windsor
James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a dark Tom Ford Windsor Three-Piece Suit in SPECTRE. Bond wears the suit in the Rome funeral scene, SPECTRE meeting and Aston Martin DB10 car chase.

Who makes Daniel Craig’s suits in bond?

Tom Ford
Tom Ford. The American fashion designing icon has been dressing up Daniel Craig as James Bond in classic suits in four consecutive films — Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015) and No Time to Die (2021). Tom Ford is not the first major fashion designer to have been associated with James Bond.

What jacket does Daniel Craig wear in Skyfall?