What kind of cars did Skoda make in the 1950s?

What kind of cars did Skoda make in the 1950s?

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1950s car models: Škoda 1200 (1952–1955) Škoda 1201 (1955–1962) Škoda 440/445/450 (1955–1959) Škoda Felicia (1959–1964) Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1960s car models: Škoda 1202 (1961–1973) Škoda Octavia Combi (1964–1971) Škoda 1203 (1968–1999) Škoda 1000 MB (1964–1969)

What kind of technology does a Skoda Superb have?

With all sorts of smart technology built-in (smartphone integration, impressive and innovative infotainment system, etc.), tech-savvy drivers are definitely in for a treat with this car! There are a lot of interior surprises in the Skoda Superb. A cooled glove box assures passengers of cool and refreshing drinks.

What kind of gun is a Skoda houfnice?

Skoda houfnice vz 14 (“Howitzer model 1914”) and Skoda houfnice vz 14/19 (“Howitzer model 1914/1919”) were 100 mm (3.93-inch) field howitzers made in Czechoslovakia by the Skoda works.

What kind of car is the Skoda mission?

Image source: wikimedia.org The Skoda Mission is a concept car released by Skoda, a German automaker at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011. It was the middle release of Fabia and Octavia. This 5-seater sedan is 4300mm long and 1690mm wide.

When did the Skoda Favorit come out in the UK?

Only after the economic crisis of the 70s did Skoda manage to gain somewhat of success with the new Skoda Favorit in the 1987. This model designed by the Italian company Bertone and having Western engine technology sold remarkably well in Eastern Europe and in the UK as well, being known that Skodas were generally reliable cars.

When did Skoda become part of Volkswagen Group?

In december of 1990 Skoda became associated with Volkswagen Group, and became effective on April 16th 1991. With German technology by its side, Skoda managed to increase the quality of its cars and has since become a major player in the European car market.