What level should I be for Mu Lung Dojo?

What level should I be for Mu Lung Dojo?

Mu Lung Dojo can be accessed from Lv. 50 and up. Mu Lung Dojo is comprised of 51 floors with a 15 minute time limit. Earn Mu Lung Dojo points as reward.

How do you farm Mu Lung Dojo points?

  1. Collect weekly points from dojo.
  2. Clear dojo (up to 9F max, or however far you can get) on your mules.
  3. Buy Honor EXP medals.
  4. Buy Mu Gong’s Guarantee and use it to make 10k of your honor into a tradable medal.
  5. Use it on your main, or sell it for mesos in FM. (100~150m each in Scania last time I checked)

What is training center charm Maplestory?

December 2020 edited December 2020. If you enter the Mu Lung Dojo and speak with So Gong, he’ll give you an option to enter the Unity Training Center, which allows you to earn EXP at a slow rate simply by leaving your character online. You can stay in their for as long as the charm lasts.

How do I get to Mu Lung Maplestory?

Anyway, when you land in Orbis, go to the right, talk to the NPC on the far end of the map. Choose the Mu Lung option, keep walking. You’ll see a crane, talk to him and he’ll take you there for 6k.

How do you do a Mu Lung Dojo?

Details. Mu Lung Dojo can be accessed through [Dungeons] → [Mu Lung Dojo].

How many floors does dojo Maple have?

All Scarecrows take normal damage based on elemental properties. Note: As of KMS 1.2. 325 (released October 2019), Mu Lung Dojo has 80 floors, with monster spawns changed.

How do you do mulong dojo?

How do you farm honor Exp?

Since you’re on Scania, you have three options.

  1. Farm Dojo on your mules and collect the points&convert to honor every week.
  2. Buy it from AH.
  3. Regain it slowly with the help of events, event rewards and the grinding from training and boss clears.

How many times can you do Dojo Maplestory?

Defeat powerful bosses on every floor to earn Mu Lung Dojo Points and daily rewards, up to three free times daily.

Do you need IED for dojo?

i heard you should just focus on boss damage and ied doesn’t matter for dojo? All dojo bosses up to F59 have 50% PDR only, so no. Your clean IED which is probably 90~94+ towards the late-game is all you need.

What does Mu Lung mean?

Definition of mulung in the Javanese dictionary II kn: 1 [nickname] contains (curved) rays; 2 [It is recommended] to cement [or] to make a coconut milk (which is to be drunk); [mixed with] the count. Click to see the automatic translation of the definition in English.