What name rhymes with banana?

What name rhymes with banana?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
Deanna 100 Name
bandanna 100 Noun
cabana 100 Noun
grana 100 Noun

What is the hardest word to rhyme?

There are many words that have no rhyme in the English language. “Orange” is only the most famous. Other words that have no rhyme include: silver, purple, month, ninth, pint, wolf, opus, dangerous, marathon and discombobulate.

What are foods that rhyme?

List of Rhyming Foods

  • Alfredo / potato / tomato.
  • Almond roca / mocha.
  • Apple / scrapple / Snapple.
  • Artichoke / Coke / egg yolk.
  • Avocado / adobado / amontillado / dorado / muscovado.
  • Baloney / cannelloni / macaroni / minestrone / pepperoni / rigatoni / spumoni.
  • Beans / greens / nectarines / sardines / tangerines.

What are the examples of rhyming words?

Some examples of rhyming words are: goat, boat, moat, float, coat. When you are figuring out if two words rhyme, use your ears to listen as you say the words. If they sound the same or similar, they rhyme. For example: car and bar rhyme; house and mouse rhyme.

What words have lots of rhymes?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
pot 100 Noun
forgot 100 Verb
dot 100 Noun
knot 100 Noun

What are some words that rhyme?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
dumb 100 Adjective
hum 100 Noun
cum 100 Noun
gum 100 Noun

What word can you rhyme the most?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
toast 100 Noun
boast 100 Verb, Noun
roast 100 Noun, Verb
engrossed 100 Adjective