What project skins are coming out?

What project skins are coming out?

The upcoming event is called PROJECT: Bastion and will feature new skins for Renekton, Sylas, Sejuani, Senna, Varus, and Mordekaiser. Renekton and Morde will both be getting Legendary skins, while Sylas will receive the Prestige skin for the set.

Is project Mordekaiser a legendary skin?

With this new skin, The Master of Metal now has a total of 7 skins in League of Legends. PROJECT Mordekaiser skin will also be his first Legendary skin.

When can you buy new project skins?

“PROJECT skins will not be available to purchase from the store directly,” Garena said in the notes for Patch 11.11. “They will only be available for direct store purchase one week later, on June 4.”

What is the best project skin?

LoL: The Top 5 PROJECT Skins

  • PROJECT: MORDEKAISER: This is one of the new skins coming in LoL Patch 11.11 and it looks amazing.
  • PROJECT: ASHE: Ashe is the leader of the rebel group in this Alternate Universe.
  • PROJECT: RENEKTON: Another new skin on our countdown.
  • PROJECT: FIORA: This Fiora skin is amazing.

What is the best morde skin?

LoL Best Mordekaiser Skins – All Mordekaiser Skins Ranked

  • King of Clubs Mordekaiser. Coming in at number five on our list is King of Clubs Mordekaiser.
  • Lord Mordekaiser. Lord Mordekaiser takes the number four spot on our list.
  • Dragon Knight Mordekaiser.
  • Pentakill Mordekaiser.
  • Infernal Mordekaiser.

How much will project Mordekaiser be?

First is Project Mordekaiser. This legendary skin will cost 1820 RP. It will also have nine chromas.

What time do skins drop in league?

are put on sale every Monday at noon PT. The discount for these sales typically ranges from 50 to 60% off. Certain older skins may go on sale for lower discounts in the 25 to 40% range, despite not being limited or exclusive.

What time do skins go live league?

The LoL servers will go down for maintenance around 6am EST, and the patch should go live around 9am EST.

What was the first project skin?

PROJECT is born in 2014, with the very first skin of this now large family: Yasuo. While it was supposed to be unique, the League of Legends community got excited, and a year later, five new PROJECT skins were created: Lucian, Leona, Fiora, Master Yi, and Zed.