What school has the weirdest mascot?

What school has the weirdest mascot?

Top 10 Weirdest Mascots

  1. Rhode Island School Of Design: Scrotie The Nads.
  2. Grays Harbor College: Charlie Choker.
  3. Evergreen State College: Speedy the Geoduck.
  4. University of California – Santa Cruz: Sammy The Banana Slug.
  5. Scottsdale Community College: Artie the Fighting Artichoke.

What are some cool school mascots?

Top 10 most common high school mascots

  1. #1 Eagles. With 24 schools, this category includes the Ferndale Golden Eagles, and includes local schools Arlington, Cleveland, Federal Way, Graham Kapowsin, and Issaquah.
  2. #2 Bulldogs.
  3. #3 Tigers. 13 schools, including Stadium.
  4. #4 Vikings.
  5. #5 Lions.
  6. #6 Wildcats.
  7. #7 Cougars.
  8. #8 Panthers.

What is the most overused school mascot?

Bulldogs came in at No. 1 on the list, represented by 14 schools, followed by tigers at No. 2, and eagles and wildcats tied at No.

How do you come up with a mascot name?

How to Come Up With a Mascot Name That Perfectly Represents Your Organization

  1. Why is a mascot name important?
  2. Some tips for choosing your mascot’s name.
  3. #1 – Keep it simple.
  4. #2 – Take inspiration from your character design.
  5. #3 – Make use of alliteration.
  6. #4 – Run a competition.

What is the most unique mascot?

Newsweek presents some of the most unquestionably unique college mascots on American campuses.

  1. The Ranger Bear. Drew University.
  2. Reggie Redbird. Illinois State University.
  3. ‘Angry’ Benny the Beaver. Oregon State University.
  4. Saint Louis University. The Billiken.
  5. Hiram the Ram.
  6. Rocky the Bull.
  7. Handsome Dan.
  8. Seymour D’Campus.

What university does not have a mascot?

Stanford has no official mascot.

What is the coolest mascot?

The 12 coolest mascots

  • The Mountaineer, West Virginia.
  • Bevo, Texas.
  • Stanford Tree.
  • War Eagle, Auburn.
  • Mike the Tiger, LSU.
  • Chief Osceola, Florida State.
  • Uga, Georgia. Normally, dogs in sweaters are hard to take seriously.
  • Ralphie the Buffalo, Colorado. Her (yes, Ralphie is a female) size (1,300 lbs.)

What are good mascot ideas?

We are going to help you make your decision a little bit easier with these ten great school mascot ideas:

  • Fierce Spartan warriors.
  • A cool bear.
  • A bumble bee.
  • A wolf.
  • An elephant.
  • A shark in a home uniform.
  • A flaming phoenix.
  • A big headed eagle.

What is the most commonly used mascot?

“Bulldogs” is the most frequently used nickname/mascot in NCAA Division One athletics.

What is the most used mascot?

Do UK schools have mascots?

kailus13 said: Here in England we don’t have school mascots, they just seem like a waste of money and effort. If the mascot is an actual animal instead of a dude in a costume, then that is awesome.

What is the worst college mascot?

The 10 Worst College Mascots The Stanford Tree The Wichita State ‘WuShock’ UC Santa Cruz’s Sammy the Slug Delta State University’s Fighting Okra University of North Carolina School of the Arts ’ Fighting Pickle University of Tulsa’s Captain Cane The Evergreen State Geoducks Concordia College’s Kernel Cobb

What is the most common mascot in college?

Although KU can claim one of the most unique mascots, their two main rivals have two of the top three most common mascots (Tigers are second and Wildcats are third). The number one most common college mascot is the bulldog. Here is a list of all of the college mascots.

What is the weirdest mascot?

Top 10 Weirdest Mascots 1. Rhode Island School Of Design : Scrotie The Nads 2. Grays Harbor College : Charlie Choker 3. Evergreen State College : Speedy the Geoduck 4. University of California – Santa Cruz: Sammy The Banana Slug 5. Scottsdale Community College : Artie the Fighting Artichoke 6. North Carolina School of the Arts : The Fighting Pickle

What are some NCAA football mascot names?

College Football: The 18 Most Frequently Used Mascot Names in NCAA Knights. “Knights” is tied at four with “Owls,” “Bison,” “Aggies,” “Rams,” “Golden Eagles” and “Bobcats.” Golden Eagles. “Golden Eagles” is tied at four with “Owls,” “Bison,” “Aggies,” “Rams,” “Knights” and “Bobcats.” Owls. Bison. Aggies. Bobcats. Rams. Spartans. Huskies. Cougars.