What should I give to Elli Harvest Moon?

What should I give to Elli Harvest Moon?

Ann will ask for mushroom rice, a hotcake or cheese fondue. Popuri will request fried rice, an omelet or scrambled eggs. Mary will ask for relax tea, veggie juice or a chocolate cake. Elli will request strawberry milk, hot milk or a sandwich.

What does Elly like mineral town?

Elly lives and works at the clinic in Mineral Town. She wants to be a good nurse, so she helps the Doctor with anything medical.

What does Elly from harvest moon like?

Despite her hardships, Elly is always kind and patient, often putting the needs of others before her own. Elly’s family is very important to her, especially after her parents died many years ago. Elly spends most of her time working at the Clinic, but visits her grandmother on days off.

What gifts does Elly like?

Elly (Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town)

This page is about Elly from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Elly (disambiguation).
Family: Ellen (Grandmother) Yu (Younger Brother)
Favorite Gifts: Almond Tofu, Moon Dumplings, Sunsweet Flower, True Magic Red Flower
Rival: Doctor

How do you marry in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

The Blue Feather is a type of tool in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. The Blue Feather is needed to propose marriage to a bachelorette. It becomes available at the Supermarket for 1,000G when a girl reaches an affection level indicated by an orange heart.

Where is Karen Sunday Harvest Moon?


Monday – Saturday (Sunny)
10:30pm – 12:00am Supermarket (closed)
Sunday (Any Weather)
6:00am – 7:00pm Supermarket
8:00pm – 10:00pm The Inn

What does Kai like in story of seasons?

Kai loves pineapples! He would love you forever if you brought him a pineapple from your farm. He is a little bit embarrased about admitting that he loves a fruit that much.

Where do you get preserved flowers in story of seasons?

After completing a Blue Heart Event for any character, Jeff will eventually come to the player’s house and give them a preserved flower. If the player somehow misplaced the one that Jeff gifted them, they will actually be able to buy more from the general store.

How do you get the van’s favorite in story of seasons?

Acquiring Van’s Favorite You’ll receive your package once you’ve performed 10 specific in-game actions. These include upgrading a tool at the Forge, upgrading your home at the Workshop, and selling your animals.

How do you get the blue feather in Harvest Moon Boy and girl?

It becomes available at the Supermarket for 1,000G when a girl reaches an affection level indicated by an orange heart. Alternatively, when you are carrying 30,000G, Won will visit the farm and offer to sell the Blue Feather for the outrageous price of 30,000G.

Can you be a girl in Harvest Moon?

Player characters are the protagonists of specific games. They are the characters that players control throughout the games. In some Harvest Moon games, the player characters can be either male or female – they will never marry each other (except in IoH/SI). In some other games there is only male option.

Where does Karen hang out story of seasons?

Schedule: Karen doesn’t wander too far from the general store. Most of the time she’ll be either in the back room of the store or in the main store area. From 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (excluding Sunday and Tuesday) she sits on the bench outside the store with Rick, and then from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm she’ll be at the beach.

Who is Elli in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

Elli is a bachelorette in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town . A nurse working at the local clinic in Mineral Town, she has the responsibility of caring for her mischievous little brother Stu and her ailing grandmother, Ellen. Despite her hardships, Elli is always kind and patient.

What does Elli say to doctor in Harvest Moon?

While Doctor is sick, Elli suggests that Doctor takes a day off, but he is stubborn and refuses. Elli tells him not to overdo it; if not, she will be upset with him. Doctor laughs and comments that Elli would make a good wife someday.

When does the Harvest Moon event end for Elli?

When Elli finds Doctor, he says that Stu is going to be fine. The event ends at 3 PM as you bring Stu back to Ellen’s home. Enter Ellen’s home between 10 AM and 5 PM on Wednesday. Stu asks if you’d like to play with him and upon agreeing, the event will end at 7 PM.

When to enter mineral clinic in Harvest Moon?

In Year 2 or later, enter Mineral Clinic on any day except Tuesday and Wednesday between 9 AM and 3 PM. You have seen Doctor and Elli’s black and blue rival events previously. While Doctor is sick, Elli suggests that Doctor takes a day off, but he is stubborn and refuses.