What software does Toro Y Moi use?

What software does Toro Y Moi use?

Korg MS2000 Synthesizer Chaz talks about mixing his album “Anything in Return” at Different Fur Studios. He was keen on not using too many software synths for the album, and said he made use of the studio’s Korg MS2000.

Where does Toro Y Moi live?

Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.

What microphone does Toro Y Moi use?

Chaz had recorded vocals in Reason for his album “Anything in Return,” but when he went into the studio they were re-recorded for the most part using the Shure SM7B Vocal Mic.

How old is Toro Y Moi?

34 years (November 7, 1986)
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What genre is Toro Y Moi?

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Is Toro Y Moi Bay Area?

But his day-to-day life in the Bay Area isn’t nearly as glamorous. Most of the time, in fact, he can be found collaborating with local artists at his warehouse on a graffiti-covered street in North Oakland—the home base of his design studio and record label, Company.

Is Toro Y Moi married?

Samantha Beardsley
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How did Toro Y Moi get famous?

Toro y Moi has sped through the Atlantic on Diddy’s speedboat, produced for Travis Scott and performed for sold-out crowds around the world. But his day-to-day life in the Bay Area isn’t nearly as glamorous. But glamor isn’t what the artist—real name Chaz Bear—looks for in a city.

What is Toro Y Moi name?

Chazwick Bradley Bundick
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Born Chazwick Bradley Bundick, he later changed his name to Chaz Bear. But he’s best known as Toro Y Moi. Since 2010, he has released seven albums and toured the world.

Does Toro Y Moi live in Oakland?

For the prolific Toro y Moi, it’s more about staying on top of his affairs. “I’m navigating my own sort of introvert-extrovert way of being a public figure,” he tells SF Weekly from his home in Oakland.