What time signature is St Augustine in Hell?

What time signature is St Augustine in Hell?

St Augustine in Hell – played in 7/8 to start – StingCover The unbelievable Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, with some great time changes and poly-rhythms.

What is the time signature of seven days by Sting?

According to the interview disc, the idea came to Sting when he wanted to write a song in the 7/4 time signature. The song “Seven Days” is also noted for Vinnie Colaiuta and his sophisticated playing in the 5/4 time signature.

Who is the voice in St Augustine in Hell?

On ‘St. Augustine in Hell’, Colaiuta supplied the voice of the devil on the song that placed rock critics, accountants and lawyers in the bad place. But for some odd reason, the more uncharitable lyrics were dropped from the song.

Who played drums on Ten Summoner’s Tales?

Vinnie Colaiuta
“Summoner” is also close to Sting’s real last name, Sumner. Sting is backed by a band that includes former Pretender Dominic Miller on guitar, David Sancious on keyboards (played with Peter Gabriel) and Vinnie Colaiuta (played with Frank Zappa) on drums.

Who is Sting’s drummer?

Vinnie Colaiuta. Brownsville, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Who plays drums on seven days by Sting?

Vinnie Colaiuta’s
BY STEWART JEAN I think all drummers would agree that Vinnie Colaiuta’s playing on Sting’s “Seven Days” is one of the greatest recorded performances of all time. His ability to add subtle nuances within the groove is unreal. Not only are the ideas amazing but we also catch glimpses of Colaiuta’s flawless technique.

When did Ten Summoner’s Tales come out?

9 March 1993
Ten Summoner’s Tales/Release date

Who played drums on stings seven days?

Where is Vinnie Colaiuta from?

Brownsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Vinnie Colaiuta/Place of birth

Who plays drums for paul McCartney?

Abe” Laboriel Jr.
Abraham “Abe” Laboriel Jr. He is the son of Mexican bass guitarist Abraham Laboriel, nephew of Mexican rocker Johnny Laboriel, and brother of record producer, songwriter, and film composer Mateo Laboriel. He has been the drummer for Paul McCartney since 2001, as well as for Eric Clapton among others.

What drumsticks does Vinnie Colaiuta use?

So if you’re looking for a great pair of sticks to wield behind your drum kit, Sweetwater has the Vic Firth drumsticks you need. This pair of Vic Firth Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Series drumsticks features a blunt, bold teardrop-shaped tip on a 5B shaft and a long taper for greater control.

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