What to say in bridal shower thank you note?

What to say in bridal shower thank you note?

what to include in your thank you note

  • greet the recipiant(s) Example: Dear Aunt Jane,
  • mention seeing them (if you did) Example: It was so wonderful seeing you at my bridal shower!
  • say thank you.
  • mention something specific about the gift.
  • offer a personal compliment.
  • add a heartfelt closing.

How do you write a wedding thank you for no gift?

A Guest Without a Gift Their presence was present enough, so thank them for making memories with you. Dear Bob and Laura, Thank you for being a part of our happily ever after! Your presence meant so much to us.

Do you mention the gift in a thank you card?

For cash or gift cards, it’s a nice touch to mention how you plan to spend the money, Ms. Chace said, adding that there is no need to mention the gift amount.

What do you write inside a bridal shower card?


  • “So happy for you.”
  • “With warmest wishes for the bride-to-be…”
  • “What a busy and exciting time!
  • “Please don’t mind my happy tears.
  • “Wishing you all the best today, on your wedding day, and in your life together.”
  • “Blessings to you as you prepare to say I do.”
  • “Just wanted to shower you with some happy wishes!”

What is proper etiquette for thank you cards?

Addressing Thank You Cards Properly Be sure to address your thank you to anyone who hosted, attended, or gave the gift. For example, if your friend Elise invited you to the dinner party, but her husband was there as well, it’s polite to include both of their names.

What should I say in a thank you card?

Let them know they made your day special.

  • Thank you for thinking of me on my special day.
  • I can’t wait to use my new gift!
  • I couldn’t have picked out a better gift for myself if I tried.
  • You knew exactly what I wanted.
  • You know me so well, what a precious gift!
  • Your thoughtfulness is a gift.
  • You made my day!

Are wedding thank you cards necessary?

Thank-you cards for wedding gifts are a must, but it’s also important to send gratitude notes for additional presents received too. You’ll need to write thank-you cards after every single wedding event (save for your bachelorette party, unless your friends bought you something special for it).

How do you write a thoughtful wedding thank you note?

Thank you so much for being a part of our big day and for the love and support you’ve given [Partner’s Name] and I. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without you. I will always cherish the heartfelt toast you gave. We can’t wait to build a future together, all of us family.

When someone doesn’t say thank you for a gift?

If the person confirms they received the gift, you may tell them simply and honestly that you were surprised and disappointed you didn’t get a “thank you” for the gift. Often, saying this will prompt a person to respond with “Sorry” and “Thank you” or explain why they did not say thank you to you right away.

When should bridal shower thank you cards be sent?

Send your thank you notes within two weeks after the bridal shower. You’ll want to send your thanks as soon as you can after the shower, but with your busy wedding planning to-do’s anywhere up to two weeks after is acceptable to send your greeting.

How much money should you give at a bridal shower?

The standard amount to spend on a bridal shower gift is around $50-$75. If you’re invited to a bridal shower but not particularly close with the bride, expect to spend at least $25. Regular friends, co-workers, or distant family members should consider spending up to $75 if they have the budget to spare.

What should you write on a bridal shower card?

When considering what to write in a bridal shower card, let it reflect the relationship you have together. Give words of encouragement and bridal shower wishes. End your card with a great piece of advice about love or marriage or use a favorite quote.

How should a bridal shower card be worded?

How to Write a Bridal Shower Card Message Congratulate the bride-to-be. Begin your card by congratulating the bride-to-be on her upcoming wedding and making it to this day. Let her know how beautiful she will look on her big day. Write a heartfelt message. Write a bridal shower wish. Use a quote to leave inspiration.

What do you say in a bridal shower card?

May your companionship be filled with the right ingredients: love, humor, romance, and understanding. Wishing you a wonderful journey as husband and wife in your new life together. Congratulations and may your joy live forever.

What are some good bridal shower wishes?

Bridal shower wishes Wishing Well Bridal Shower. A new chapter of your life will soon begin. Bridal Shower Quotes. It is a dream of every girl to walk down the aisle and start a new life with someone she truly loves. Wedding Shower Wishes. Hearty congratulations to the most beautiful bride to be. Bridal Shower Messages.