What was Lisa Stansfield biggest hit?

What was Lisa Stansfield biggest hit?

All Around the World
Affection includes Stansfield’s biggest hit and signature song, “All Around the World”. The track reached number one in many countries, including the UK, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Spain.

How many hits did Lisa Stansfield have?

English singer and songwriter Lisa Stansfield has released eight solo studio albums and one with her band Blue Zone, four compilation albums, three remix albums, one soundtrack album, one extended play and forty-four singles….

Lisa Stansfield discography
Music videos 33
EPs 1
Singles 44
Soundtrack albums 1

What year did Lisa Stansfield been around the world come out?

All Around the World/Released

Was Lisa Stansfield a one hit wonder?

As a result, it would be easy to lump Stansfield into one-hit-wonder status as the British girl who had that big soul and pop crossover hit “All Around The World,” a tune that topped Billboard’s Black Singles chart (as the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart was known then) in 1990.

Which Lisa had 1989 UK No 1 hit all around the world?

Lisa Stansfield
Lisa Stansfield scored a UK Official Singles Chart Number 1 in 1989 with her song All Around The World, and her debut album Affection sold five million copies worldwide.

What was Lisa Stansfield first hit?

In 1981 at the age of 15, she recorded and released her first single called, “Your Alibis”. Subsequently Lisa got signed to Polydor and between 1982 and 1983 she released a handful of singles.

When did ATC all around the world come out?

All Around The World (La La La)/Released

How much does Lisa Singer make?

Given her endorsement deals, Lisa likely makes even more a year than the $6 million she earns just on BLACKPINK’s music.

Is Lisa Stansfield white?

Yes, Lisa Stansfield is white. And yes, she does sing soul music–very well. So, what’s the big deal? “That’s what I want to know,” Stansfield, 24, said during a recent interview in a hotel restaurant here.

What are the greatest hits of Lisa Stansfield?

Lisa Stansfield – Greatest Hits Megamix 1 So Natural 2 Never, Never Gonna Give You Up 3 In All The Right Places 4 Treat Me Like A Woman 5 Time To Make You Mine 6 The Real Thing 7 All Around the World (Long Version) 8 You Can’t Deny It 9 Change (Knuckles Mix) 10 Live Together

When did Barbara Stansfield release her last album?

The album, which garnered positive reviews from music critics, peaked at number three in the United Kingdom and was certified Gold. In June 2001, Stansfield released Face Up, her final studio album with Arista Records. The obligatory compilation, Biography: The Greatest Hits was issued in February 2003.

When did biography The Greatest Hits come out?

The obligatory compilation, Biography: The Greatest Hits was issued in February 2003. Four months later, Arista Records remastered all of Stansfield’s studio albums and re-released them with bonus tracks. The Complete Collection box set was also issued at the same time.