What was the three governors controversy of Georgia?

What was the three governors controversy of Georgia?

The three governors controversy was a political crisis in the U.S. state of Georgia in 1946-47. The state constitution did not specify who would assume the governorship in such a situation, so three men made claims to the governorship: Ellis Arnall, the outgoing governor; Melvin E.

What was Georgia’s three governors controversy quizlet?

Also called the three governors controversy. Due to the death of the 1946 governor’s race winner Eugene Talmage and recent changes to Georgia’s constitution, three men had a legitimate claim to the office; The matter was settled by the Supreme Court in a special election in 1948.

Why did the 1946 governor’s race happen in Georgia?

Elected Governor The 1946 Georgia gubernatorial election took place on November 5, 1946, in order to elect the Governor of Georgia. Incumbent Democratic Governor Ellis Arnall was term-limited, and ineligible to run for a second term.

What new position created by the Georgia Constitution contributed to the three governors controversy?

The Georgia Constitution of 1945 had created a lieutenant governor’s office and specified that person would replace the governor in case of the chief executive’s death. It did not specify what would happen if the governor-elect died before being inaugurated, which would have taken place on Jan. 14, 1947.

What did John Reynolds do for Georgia?

John Reynolds. a captain in the British royal navy, served as Georgia’s first royal governor from late 1754 to early 1757. Following instructions from the Board of Trade, Reynolds established a structure of royal government, including courts, a council, and the Commons House of Assembly.

What did Melvin Thompson do?

Melvin E. Thompson, the first person elected to the office of lieutenant governor of Georgia, served as the state’s governor in 1947-48. He is best remembered for his fight with Herman Talmadge over the governorship after the death of Governor-elect Eugene Talmadge in 1946.

What did Herman Talmadge do as Governor?

Talmadge would then serve until the end of his term in 1955. Talmadge, who became governor as a political novice at just age 33, supported the passage of a statewide sales-tax and the construction of new schools. Talmadge also supported infrastructure improvements and increased teachers’ salaries.

Who was elected governor in 1946?


State Incumbent Status
California Earl Warren Re-elected, 91.64%
Colorado John Charles Vivian Retired, Democratic victory
Connecticut Raymond E. Baldwin Retired to run for U.S. Senate, Republican victory
Georgia Ellis Arnall Term-limited, Democratic victory

Who won the special election in 1948 and became governor of Georgia?

1948 Georgia gubernatorial special election

Nominee Herman Talmadge Melvin E. Thompson
Party Democratic Democratic
Electoral vote 312 98
Popular vote 357,865 312,035
Percentage 51.77% 45.14%

What right does the Georgia Constitution guarantee that the US Constitution does not?

The Georgia Constitution begins with a Bill of Rights in Article 1, including the right to due process, freedom of speech and the press, and the right to bear arms. By contrast, the U.S. Constitution does not address those rights in the main body of the document, but instead in amendments to the constitution.

Who was the first governor of Georgia colony?

William Stephens
List of colonial governors of Georgia

# Name Notes
General James Oglethorpe
1 William Stephens First governor
2 Henry Parker
3 Patrick Graham

Was John Reynolds successful?

Reynolds’s military efforts, however, proved less than successful. His arrival in Georgia coincided with the first rumblings of the Seven Years’ War (1756-63). In addition, Reynolds publicly proclaimed his intentions to leave Georgia whenever a more profitable appointment came his way.